A Quaint Day

by Courtney Sirotin on May 26, 2012

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The library near my house is a throwback in time. I don’t think a single book in the children’s section is newer than 1980. I kind of love going there and poking around.

I thought there was going to be a story time today because that’s what it said on their website. Silly me for believing the internet. No matter, Dylan and I enjoyed ourselves anyway. The highlight for me was watching him comb through a shelf of books, deliberately choose one and then climb up on a chair and (pretend to) read it to himself. He is rarely so…deliberate.

IMG_3819 (640x480)

Even better was the book that he chose! How precious is this?!

IMG_3834 (640x480)

It was the tiniest book on the shelf and it must have just struck his fancy. He held that book tight the entire time we were there and I had to pry it out of his hands to check it out.

Also adorable: I found a book about bunnies and when I showed Dylan this picture he bent over and kissed the girl…

IMG_3824 (640x480)

He also enjoyed coloring using the “fistful of crayons” technique.

IMG_3832 (640x480)

A very short walk from the library is a park. Since Dylan didn’t get to see any other kids at story time I decided we should stop by the park to see if there were any he could interact with there.

IMG_3838 (640x480)

Sometimes I wonder where all the kids are hiding. This particular park is very pretty and well-maintained but there is never anyone else there when we go!

IMG_3840 (640x480)

Oh well. Dylan swung.

IMG_3842 (640x480)

And actually, towards the end of our time there a man with a couple kids did join us at the swings. He looked like he was twenty or so. Making small talk, I asked if the kids were both his and he said they were his grandkids! A bit more prying revealed that he has six kids and eight grandkids. He had his first child at fourteen. Also, he isn’t in his twenties; he’s in his forties.

Want to see something overwhelming? Look at the outside temperature listed on my dashboard:

IMG_3846 (640x480)

It’s not even summer yet! So. hot. outside. Dylan was gulping water:

IMG_3858 (640x480)IMG_3859 (640x480)

(He had a sippy cup filled with fresh ice water but much preferred my giant bottle of lukewarm water.)

We got frozen yogurts to beat the heat. What is meaningful in the following picture is that Dylan is, once again, sitting calmly in a regular chair and partaking in an activity with me. He didn’t even try to climb on the table. That’s twice today!

IMG_3855 (640x480)

After we left the ice cream shop I did what any reasonable person with ice cream in her belly would do…I went bathing suit shopping. Look at the misery on Dylan’s face because it mirrored mine.

IMG_3860 (640x480)

Aside from the torture of shopping for a bathing suit with a disgruntled toddler, it was a lovely, quaint day in small town USA. Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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DONNA CUSHING May 27, 2012 at 2:53 am

Wondering if you got the bathing suit. I am going to look for more Beatrix Potter books for Dylan.
It is great that he enjoys books so much. He looks very natural reading. Always adorable!


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