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by Courtney Sirotin on January 9, 2012

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I had an idea for the “About Me” page of this blog (which I am calling, “Meet The Mess Maker”) and asked Jay if he would help me out with it today. I basically wanted to take a picture of myself dressed up like the quintessential 50’s housewife and juxtapose it with a picture of myself in the morning having just rolled out of bed…with legit bags under my eyes, make-up smeared on my face and grubby clothes. Jay has an amazing camera, is a great photographer and loves taking pictures so he was totally game. Plus, he liked the idea of me dressing up like a 50’s housewife. Poor Jay, it’s as close as he’ll ever get to having a domesticated woman under his roof!

I needed a prop for the picture. I was thinking colorful cupcakes on a cake pedestal would look cool, so I loaded Dylan into the Mess Mobile to accompany me to our favorite local bakery (Side note: I made their website!). By the way, as Jay was helping me load Dylan into the car he got on my case for this habit I have of tossing Dylan’s discarded snacks out of the backseat of my car and onto our driveway. He insisted I take a picture of it for the blog, so here it is:

(In my defense, the rain always washes them away! But I can also see Jay’s point that he steps in the debris and tracks it into his car and the house…)

So, Dylan and I headed to Main Street and parked across the street from the bakery and directly in front of the local self-serve frozen yogurt shop, The Sweet Spot (Side note: I wrote an article about them for my local Patch!). I’m not going to lie, I was not disappointed when Dylan noticed the ice cream shop and started pointing and gesturing wildly that he wanted to go there (I am using the terms “ice cream” and “frozen yogurt” interchangeably here, but technically it is yogurt). Dylan and I have a great time getting ice cream together, so we do it a lot. It’s always a messy venture because Dylan insists on feeding himself but has not quite mastered eating with an adult-sized plastic spoon…but it’s worth it.

Stickier, but no worse for wear, we left the ice cream shop and crossed the street to the bakery. This particular establishment makes a cookie they call “The Health Cookie” that they claim is good for you because it’s made with olive oil instead of butter and has oats, walnuts and cranberries. I question these claims because but it is dense, gigantic and probably clocks in upwards of 300-400 calories a cookie. I guess they are healthy calories. Anyway, they are gooooooood, so I always pick some up when I go there. (And then I regret it later after I eat one and feel a rock in my stomach for the rest of the day.)

I immediately placed my order for three Health Cookies and a chocolate glazed donut Dylan was pointing at before looking around the bakery cases and realizing they didn’t have any colorful cupcakes. Bummer! I paid for my unnecessary loot and had a sample of a cookie that was out by the register just because it was there.

I loaded Dylan back into the car (never an easy feat) and proceeded on to Publix, which was my back up plan for finding cupcakes. I vaguely remembered Publix having some nice ones in their bakery section.

Turns out I was right! They had a bunch of awesome, colorful cupcakes in stock…but they all had Hello Kitty decorations on them! Bummer x 2! A nice women working in the bakery saw my distress and, after hearing my story, offered to specially frost six cupcakes for me right there on the spot. I was thrilled. I asked her to make the frosting fluffy and colorful and she did an excellent job!

To reward myself, I decided to swing by Starbucks on the way home. This was a mistake because to get from Publix to Starbucks you have cross a major road that involves quick acceleration. When I crossed the street everything in my car shifted and the cupcakes got smooshed. Bummer x 3! I called Jay to complain and he pointed out that this would be excellent fodder for the blog, so I took a picture of them for you while I was waiting for my coffee:

This made it a little better:

And a little of this helped too (okay, I admit…sometimes I pump to relieve stress):

(Side note: I’m finding it amusing at how good Jason is at pointing out content for my site. I honestly wouldn’t have thought to write a post about these smooshed cupcakes, but a mess is a mess is a mess…and I think he’s finding it cathartic to finally have my messes put to good use.)

When I got home, I donned my 50’s housewife garb and did my best to salvage the cupcakes.

I really wanted the picture of me dressed up like a 50’s housewife holding a pedestal of colorful cupcakes to be perfect. It was a fantasy I was having that I could capture the exact image of the kind of woman I am not: put-together, refined, tasteful, fun, flirty…but I couldn’t even get a staged, fictional shot of that right! Alas, my busted up cupcakes are probably more symbolic of what I’m really about anyway.


For fun, here are a few outtakes from the photo shoot:

After taking a few pictures and reviewing them, Jay and I decided that my arm looked better when I held it away from my body, so I was intent on keeping it extended in every shot thereafter. At the same time, I wanted to get some pictures with Dylan while I was all dressed up and we had the equipment out. He, of course, just wanted to get down and play with the equipment. This was the result:

I like this one because Dylan is doing two cute things: 1) he’s making a face like a turtle and 2) he’s doing his trademark finger point to indicate he wants something. You can’t hear it through the picture (obvi) but the it’s accompanied by a high-pitched “Mmmm!” sound.

And here’s a shot of Dylan with his daddy:

They’re like twins, right?!

Finally, here’s a picture of Dylan at dinner tonight:

Donut Update (because I’m sure you’re dying to know): Despite showing interest at the bakery, I offered Dylan the donut for dessert after dinner but he acted like I was trying to poison him. Dylan distrusts most food so I wasn’t surprised. I’ll post about his food quirks sometime…

Health Cookie Update: I ate it. I loved it. I regretted it. As predicted, its currently sitting like a rock in my stomach. This will not, however, preclude me from having another one tomorrow.

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