Building An Appetite

by Courtney Sirotin on February 6, 2012

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Dylan is never hungry when he wakes up from his nap, but since it’s usually past lunch time I try to help him build an appetite by taking him outside to play.

Dylan absolutely loves playing outside and will often bang on the door and try to get out any time we’re inside. If I even say the word “outside” he makes a beeline for the door and holds vigil until its opened. His other trigger words are “bubbles” and “swing”.¬†We do a lot of spelling in our house.

For the half hour or so after his nap and before his lunch, the following is what Dylan and I do most days. Today’s recap is even more special than usual because its a weekend and Jay was home to participate in operation Build An Appetite.

Playing outside with Dylan is really all about the bubbles. At first he’s happy to just swing in his swing while bubbles fill the air around him, but after a few minutes of that he wants to control the bubble wand himself and prefers to just hang in the swing while dipping the wand in and out of the bottle. He practices blowing but mostly just gets bubble soap in his mouth.

He also likes when I sing him songs while he’s swinging. Lately he’s been enjoying “Old MacDonald” and “If You’re Happy And You Know It”. I try to put on a bit of a show since I’m standing right in front of him pushing the swing and I’m the only thing he has to look at.

It was nice sharing the bubble blowing duties with Jay today. You’ll notice that Jay is wearing a very fancy kitty cat shirt especially for Dylan. Jay bought the shirt as a joke a while back but Dylan really likes it so now he wears it all the time around the house. Always gives me a chuckle.

After we blew bubbles for awhile, Jay brought out a kite and tried to get it off the ground with very little wind. Dylan clutched his bottle of bubbles (there will be NO separating him from his bubbles outside, thankyouverymuch) and watched on.

Our backyard is sprinkled with thistle, which has thorns, so we decided to move the kite flying to the front lawn to protect Dylan from getting scratched up.

It was eerily calm outside today. Everything felt still. The whole neighborhood seemed to be in a pause. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting with Dylan and dipping the bubble wand in and out of the bottle while Jay worked on flying the kite. Jay did a good job getting it airborne but Dylan refused to look up at it so eventually Jay gave up and joined us on the grass.

Here’s a little video Jay shot while we were all lounging. I’m including it here because I know someday I will watch it and look back at these kinds of moments as the greatest moments of my life…even if I was just trying to make Dylan hungry.

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LAZARO MARTLING February 29, 2012 at 11:42 pm

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