Busy Bees

by Courtney Sirotin on May 31, 2012

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We are a busy household.

Jason runs THREE companies and spends all but a few hours a day (while he is sleeping) working. He is always connected and always fielding calls.

Meanwhile, I take care of Dylan 24/7, keep the house in order (don’t laugh) and work on freelance writing projects during every spare moment. The second Dylan is down for his nap I race to my computer and try to get something accomplished (never enough) and as soon as he’s asleep at night I do the same.

Dylan might be the busiest of us all. He sprints out of bed in the morning and gets cranking on something. He goes from task to task all day long, rarely pausing. He has no time to eat and no time to sit and cuddle. He’s got stuff cooking.

When I pictured myself raising Dylan I thought we’d be a bit calmer but I suppose its no surprise that the offspring of two busy people would be busy himself. And so, we do: we do and do and do and do!

Most days after breakfast Dylan and I set out for a morning activity (granted, some days that’s just for a run in the stroller). We regroup back at home for lunch, a little playing and his nap, and then head back out in the afternoon for another activity. I get stir crazy and need to get out of the house during the day and Dylan is just the same. He knows that getting in the car usually means he’s about to go do something fun. Also, when I keep him busy he sleeps better at night and that is a strong motivator for me.

I like to ask other moms at the park about what their days are like as a measure to see if I’m hovering around normal. I’m often surprised by how much time they stay in the house. Some days they don’t go anywhere at all. I can’t imagine that! Dylan would be pounding at the door if we didn’t get out by the afternoon.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, other than to wonder out loud on a blog if maybe Dylan and I should stay home more. I’ve noticed we’re often the only ones out and about in the afternoons and I’ve always attributed that to most kids having afternoon naps and/or older siblings coming home from school in the afternoons, but maybe its just a sign that we need to chill out more.

Some of this was on my mind this afternoon while Dylan was napping and I was trying to think of something for us to do when he woke up. I had an errand to run that was kind of far away and I didn’t want to make him ride in the car for a long time without having anything fun to do at the destination, so I decided to put that off. I was also flirting with taking him to a nearby pool, but we did that yesterday and I wasn’t ready to go through all the effort again today so I dismissed that too. I was starting to get stressed when it dawned on me that we didn’t have to do anything. I felt such relief!

Dylan woke up from his nap and read a couple books in his room –> then he went into Jason’s office and colored with markers at the desk –> then he played records on Jay’s turntables –> then he watched a Baby Einstein DVD while I had a cup of coffee and folded laundry –> then we went outside and played with a pot of water on the porch:

–> then we played in the back yard –> then we came back in and watched another Baby Einstein DVD –> and then Jason came home! It was a fun afternoon and rather relaxing. I didn’t have to pack a bag or anything!

I don’t think Dylan would want to stay home every afternoon (nor would I), but I do think I’d like to incorporate more days like this into our weeks.

Moral of this long, rambling story: Don’t be afraid to break out of your routine! Its interesting to see how our days and routines slowly change over time as we explore who we are and what makes us happy.

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