Change and Changes

by Courtney Sirotin on June 13, 2012

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Jay and I made the above fund-raising water jug when we moved into our first house in Georgia. Before that it was our Honeymoon fund. We keep it in our bedroom and throw loose change and the occasional dollar bills inside. Looks like we’ll be cashing it in again because…we got the house! And not a moment too soon as I leave for New Hampshire on Friday.

I feel good about this move and look forward to having a simpler life. Jason’s commute will be under ten minutes and there’s a lot more in the area for Dylan and I to do to fill our days. I can’t stress enough how much I am looking forward to NEW ACTIVITIES.

Case in point: I had to kill time today while I waited for an oil change and there was nothing to do but walk around Target again. It feels so pathetic taking Dylan to run around Target and calling it an activity, and yet it was my best option today (thankfully, he had Kindermusik in the afternoon so it wasn’t a complete bust).

In case you are wondering how one turns Target into a playground, I offer you the following tutorial.

1. Navigate to the toy area and set your child free. Stay alert as you will need to occasionally step in to prevent accidents.


2. Locate the big bouncy ball cage in this area and allow your child to retrieve a ball. If you try to assist him he will be angry because he wants to do it himself. Let him.


3. Congratulations! The ball is now driving the fun. Your child will kick the ball and chase it up and down the aisles, all you have to do is follow along.

4. Buttons and knobs will provide momentary distractions. Use this time to swig some water or check your iPhone.

IMG_4071 (640x480)

5. If you go to Target too often, your child might even find the orange ball he left by the bikes last weekend.

IMG_4080 (640x480)

6. People will look at you funny when you let your child lie down on the ground…

IMG_4075 (640x480)

7. …Or climb into the hand baskets.

IMG_4083 (640x480)IMG_4084 (640x480)IMG_4085 (640x480)

8. Ignore them. Who cares what people think about you? You’ll never see them again anyway, you’re moving.

9. When you’re ready to go, its probably time to go. Similarly, if your child is willing to leave without a fight you’ve probably stayed long enough. He’s probably realized it’s a lame activity too.

In other news, travel stress is setting in over here. I always get anxious in the days leading up to air travel. I am excited to get to my destination but am dreading the journey. I can’t imagine keeping Dylan confined to a plane seat for three hours! The older he gets the more impossible that seems…

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JASON SIROTIN June 13, 2012 at 9:09 am

Great post. I will miss you guys!


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