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by Courtney Sirotin on May 10, 2012

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If you like the excessive documentation of every day minutia, this is the post for you!

Its been rainy the last few days and I found myself googling things like, “what to do with a toddler on a rainy day” and “stay at home mom daily schedule” for ideas on new things to do with Dylan. Then it dawned on me that I could write a post that could serve as a destination spot for other moms googling the same things!

If you are a mother looking for a glimpse into another mother’s life, I offer you the following laboriously detailed rundown of my day. This schedule is typical of most of our days. Oh, and its told through the use of the iPhone.

My day started at 5:45am. Dylan woke up for a minute and then fell back asleep but I could not. I checked the weather and saw it was going to be a wet one.

IMG_3453 (320x480)

He woke up for real at:

IMG_3454 (320x480)

I changed his diaper and we went downstairs to the living room. He usually entertains himself for a few minutes while I get some coffee and then we read books. This morning he entertained himself by finding a wayward salt shaker and emptying its contents onto the carpet. That is Jay’s arm vacuuming it up!

IMG_3455 (640x480)

We read a bunch of books:

IMG_3459 (640x480)

And then I left Dylan to play by himself while I emptied the dishwasher:

IMG_3460 (640x480)

He popped into the kitchen for some water. He likes to drink out of a cup…

IMG_3463 (640x480)

but has an insatiable urge to pour the liquid on the ground.

IMG_3465 (640x480)

I then made Dylan’s breakfast and prepared a snack for myself to have later. We had a near-empty jar of almond butter that I used to make some oats.

IMG_3467 (640x480)

Dylan ate breakfast:

IMG_3472 (640x480)

While I caught up on the “news”:

IMG_3471 (640x480)

After breakfast Dylan watched cartoons

IMG_3479 (640x480)

while I cleaned the breakfast mess

IMG_3473 (640x480)

and packed a bag for our morning outing.

IMG_3475 (640x480)

At this point it was:

IMG_3474 (320x480)

I’ll say here that when the weather is nice this is the time I will usually go for a run or take Dylan to a park. Since it was rainy I took him to run errands instead. Our first stop was the post office to mail our Mother’s Day cards but I forgot to take a picture.

IMG_3482 (640x480)

Then we went to the grocery store:

IMG_3487 (640x480)

We arrived back home at:

IMG_3489 (640x480)

Dylan went down for a nap around 11:30. I brought his monitor with me to the basement and worked out on the elliptical.

IMG_3496 (640x480)

Dylan woke at:

IMG_3498 (320x480)

He hung out in his pack n play and watched a cartoon while I showered:

IMG_3506 (640x480)IMG_3507 (640x480)

All clean!

IMG_3513 (640x480)

Next, it was time to make lunch. I gave Dylan a bowl of k-cups to stack while I prepared our food.

IMG_3517 (640x480)

I generally dread lunches because they go like this: I make something, Dylan refuses to eat it, I stress eat while I try to get him to eat and don’t even taste/enjoy my food. I try to just leave it on his tray and back off but it still leaves me a ball of nerves.

IMG_3527 (640x480)

Towards the end lunch today I actually left the table and hid in the kitchen for a couple minutes to avoid getting stressed out and overbearing. Here I am peeking around the corner:

IMG_3529 (640x480)

Lunch = a bust Sad smile

IMG_3530 (640x480)

We always go somewhere after lunch. I do not like hanging around the house for long! Dylan played while I tidied up and then we set out in our rain gear.

IMG_3548 (640x480)

By now it was:

IMG_3550 (640x480)

I didn’t eat a full lunch so I brought by oatmeal snack to eat in the car.

IMG_3549 (640x480)

I took Dylan to the Tellus Science Museum in town. We’ve only been once before and he had a great time so I’ve had this activity in mind for a rainy day like today.

IMG_3557 (640x480)

IMG_3558 (640x480)

We had a great time playing in the kids area.

IMG_3567 (640x480)

Now you see me…

IMG_3565 (640x480)

Now you don’t!

IMG_3564 (640x480)

It was time to go when we got to the fossil digging area and Dylan started eating the rubber pellets that take the place of sand. He refused to listen to me when i told him to stop so we had to leave or he’d have a stomach full of rubber right now.

IMG_3571 (640x480)

Want to know what gets Dylan excited? Signs like this:

IMG_3586 (640x480)

It was like a neon “Welcome” sign to him.

IMG_3587 (640x480)

When we arrived home it was:

IMG_3588 (640x480)

Jason was home so he played with Dylan while I tackled some laundry:

IMG_3592 (640x480)

Made a cup of coffee:

IMG_3595 (640x480)

And made Dylan’s dinner:

IMG_3598 (640x480)

I then sat patiently while he didn’t eat it. Deep breaths…

Actually, I had a nice phone call with my little sister and Dylan didn’t do too bad with his chicken.

IMG_3599 (640x480)

After Dylan’s dinner I cleaned the kitchen:

IMG_3601 (640x480)

And then we all went outside to play because the weather had turned beautiful.

IMG_3620 (612x612)

(You always know when Jason took a picture because its 1) artistic and 2) an instagram)

IMG_3605 (640x480)

Around 7pm I gave Dylan a bath and clipped his nails.

IMG_3611 (640x480)

As is our routine, Jason read books with Dylan upstairs in Dylan’s room while I tidied up the downstairs.

IMG_3619 (640x480)

I put away toys:

IMG_3613 (640x480)

And did all my little “chores”:

IMG_3612 (640x480)

I like to have everything that requires energy DONE before I put Dylan to bed so that when I come back downstairs I can just relax…and blog!

Dylan fell asleep at exactly:

IMG_3622 (320x480)

I am now relaxing/eating dinner/blogging while Jason is working on his computer. I would like to have family dinners and all that but I’m starting to think we might not be one of those families. Maybe someday.

Anyway, there you have it…a day in my life!

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RUSS May 10, 2012 at 10:30 pm

If you don’t realize, it’s a blessing that we can be “A Part” of your day from far away. Love you guys!


DONNA May 11, 2012 at 1:08 am

Sounds like a most wonderful day! I feel like I spent it with you. The pictures are great! You and Dylan make a terrific team! I had to laugh about the keep out sign. What we can’t have always seems more intruguing!


RYDER June 27, 2013 at 1:02 am

I thought of you because the neely’s where on tv days ago


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