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by Courtney Sirotin on March 1, 2012

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When it comes to money, budgets and savings, Jason and I fall short. Ideally, at least one half of every couple should have an aptitude for money-management. Don’t be like us!

Since I don’t have a college fund or anything like that set up for Dylan yet, I’m doing what I can right now to provide him with a little something in the future. I got the idea that I’m about to share from a segment I heard on NPR a while back and finally put it into action today. In the scheme of things this isn’t going to make Dylan’s future easier in a meaningful way, but I think it will at least be a little useful to him someday.

I am talking about a Digital Trust Fund in which an adult secures domains, email addresses and social media accounts for a child so that when the child comes of age they have access to all the accounts in their name. For example, because there are so many people in the world, chances are will get snatched up before Dylan decides to make a personal website someday. But not now! I bought it for him last night and have it set to auto-renew indefinitely.

I also set him up Gmail, Facebook and Twitter accounts and then emailed all the relevant info and passwords to his Gmail account (with mine as a backup) so that he has everything he needs to access his personal accounts someday. I will continue to secure him new accounts as new sites and technologies become relevant.

Just a heads up: if you decide to set up a Digital Trust Fund for your child, you will need to flub about his or her age because some sites have minimum age requirements. To keep things simple I used my birthday for all of the accounts I started and emailed Dylan instructions on how to change it when he’s older. (p.s. Its so weird emailing your future kid!)

What online accounts have I missed that you guys think are relevant? I’m not that tuned in to the social media world but if Dylan is like his father he will be tapped into everything. I’m pretty psyched it will all be waiting for him.

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