Dylan Eats A Muffin, The Saga

by Courtney Sirotin on September 30, 2012

More than food, Dylan likes a food experience. If I hand him a drink he never just takes a swig. Instead, he carefully carries it to a table and chair, sets it down on the table and gets himself comfortable before having a dainty little sip. The more interesting the vessel, the more likely he is to drink it too. He’d rather lap milk out of a crystal bowl than sip it from a plastic cup. I could offer him a cracker from a box and he won’t want it but if I put that same cracker on a platter, put the platter on my head, and present my head to him while he is in the tub, he might take a bite (after offering it to his rubber duck first). Creating the right ambiance for Dylan’s mental pallet makes feeding him an effort!

With this in mind, I presented Dylan with a frosted carrot cake muffin. I asked for a box when I bought it because I knew if he opened the box himself it would make the muffin more interesting. I presented the box outside on the porch, on the top step of the stairs.

1 (458x258)

Dylan opened the box and got excited. I gave him a plastic knife and he got busy tearing it up. From here, I present Dylan Eats A Muffin, The Saga.

He’s happy to eat the muffin (frosting) on the steps at first, but quickly decides its not civilized enough and goes in search of a better location.

The glass table works for awhile and Dylan makes happy sounds while he enjoys the muffin (frosting).

Soon his first choice for a table just doesn’t feel right anymore. Like the Goldilocks that he is, he goes in search of something better.

The white table looked promising, but something must be off because Dylan decides to relocate again. Here’s where it gets interesting. A little dirt never hurt anyone… 😉

There ends the saga, presented to you simply as an example of the ever-interesting experience of feeding my child. If this is what it takes to feed him a frosted muffin, you can only imagine the hoops I jump through to make spinach look appealing…

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