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by Courtney Sirotin on July 6, 2012

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I’m starting a new feature on this blog wherein I introduce you to someone meaningful in my life and explore him or her in more detail than I might in a typical post. These posts will roll in haphazardly as time and opportunities arise. There’s probably no better person to kick off this series than my grandmother, Rose, who is the matriarch on my side of the family.

Rose is 90 years young. She spent the day today helping babysit her great grand kids, getting her hair done at the beauty salon and going out to dinner with my mother. This was a typical day. Rose takes her daily schedule very seriously and has spent her whole life committed to a daily routine that very, very, very rarely fluctuates. My mother likes to joke that when you ask my grandmother if she’s hungry she consults her watch, not her stomach.

To get to know Rose all you need to do is get to know her routine. I sat down with her tonight and interviewed her about her routine over the past many decades, though she didn’t reveal anything I didn’t already know by heart. That’s the other thing about Rose; if you spend any significant amount of time with her, you’ll probably end up on her schedule too (because she won’t budge!).

Rose’s Daily Routine

8am: Rise and Shine! Rose wakes up!

8am – 8:30am: Rose washes up in the bathroom and does her face. She uses Revlon products including an eyebrow pencil, rouge, lipstick and powder. She takes great pride in her appearance and always dresses up in a nice outfit with full jewelry, even if she’s just staying home. (Note: she hates just staying home!).

8:30am: Rose eats her breakfast which consists of juice, cereal, coffee with milk and half of a small donut or muffin.

8:30am – Noon: When Rose was working she would spend the day working at the beauty salon that she owned with her sisters. When she retired she would spend these hours doing housework and then shopping with her sisters.

Noon: Rose used to always have lunch out with her sisters. They most often went to Denny’s where a typical meal might have been a cup of clam chowder, BBQ hamburger, fries and vanilla ice cream with hot fudge on top. To drink she would have coffee and water.

Noon – 4pm: After she retired, Rose spent these hours shopping with her sisters or visiting with friends and family. She was, and continues to be, a very loyal viewer of soap operas. Specifically, she watched Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful.

4pm: Happy hour! Rose and my late grandfather, Chester, would have drinks before dinner. Rose’s signature drink was/is White Zinfandel.

5:30pm: Dinner is served! Every night Rose would cook and serve a meal such as baked pork chops served with applesauce, butternut squash and mashed potatoes. Rose would drink tea with milk with dinner.

6:30pm – 11pm: Rose likes to spend her evenings watching TV and playing cards. In years past she would play poker with her sisters and friends or go to bingo (on Thursdays). These days she and my mother play a lot of Gin Rummy, and Rose almost always wins. Every night around 8 or 9pm Rose will have a little dessert, such as a piece of pie, half a muffin or a brownie, served with a cup of tea with milk. Rose’s nighttime routine involves washing her face with Dove soap and water and brushing her teeth. She has never used any moisturizers on her face or body.

No one in this world knows my grandmother better than my mother. Listening to me conduct this interview my mother interjected that there are three things that need to be known about Rose:

1. Rose does all things in moderation. She never overdoes anything. You can present her with the most delicious thing in the world but if she’s already eaten she’ll pass and have it another time.

2. She always has a positive outlook and looks on the bright side of things. I asked Rose if this is something she does consciously and she said no, it just comes naturally to her.

3. When she was young, Rose was a daredevil. She used to jump off a bridge and swim across the Connecticut river. (Apparently she had a reputation for it!)

Rose wants to add this: “I had a wonderful life and a wonderful family. I really enjoyed life, it went along smoothly.”

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DONNA July 6, 2012 at 10:06 am

You have captured your grandmother’s spirit quite well!


SARAH July 9, 2012 at 1:34 am

Hi Courtney – I loved this post about Rose! She is an amazing person. I would love to see you- I don’t have your cell # (and it didn’t show up) , so please try me back in the am. We would love to see you in the afternoon and maybe Kelly too! I just got out of work and I feel like it is too late to call your parent’s house. xo


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