Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

by Courtney Sirotin on June 29, 2012

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On the drive home from the airport a couple weeks ago my mother and I decided to make Summer Bucket Lists. We challenged each other to pick three things we each wanted to accomplish while I was home for my month-long visit. It was actually quite hard because we had to be realistic and choose things we could actually have a chance of accomplishing. For example, I wanted to “spend a day on a beach reading a novel” but that’s not realistic given my two-year-old so I revised it to “go for a walk on a beach and collect shells with Dylan,” which is something I could probably do. Actually, now that I’ve been to the beach with him I might need to revise this again to “spend an hour keeping my child from running into the freezing cold ocean and getting swept away by a strong current.” But I digress.

Another item on my attainable bucket list was to get a summery haircut. It’d been many months since my last cut and during that time my hairdresser moved to Los Angeles with her boyfriend so I’ve been putting off dealing with my hair. Anyway, this week I picked a salon and a stylist here in Portsmouth and booked an appointment. My mother took Dylan to a bookstore while I checked “summer haircut” off my list.


IMG_4231 (640x480)


IMG_4261 (640x480)

(Clearly, I’m the master of the self-portrait. You’ll have to imagine what the top of my head looks like since I didn’t get it in the shot.)

The back:

IMG_4273 (640x480)

I like it alright! Its not much different from how my hair usually looks after I get it cut, but this hairdresser spent a significant amount of time thinning it out around my ears to “give it room to curl”,” so that’s a little different.

Hairdressers have the hardest time styling my hair after they cut it. Sometimes they want to make it straight, sometimes they want to curl it. This hairdresser was worse than most because first she wanted it curly and coated it with a curl enhancer and then halfway through drying it she decided she wanted it straight…but it was too late and the result was awkward frizz. I always want to grab the brush and blow dryer out of their hands and say, “Please! Let me do it!” And then I would put the hair dryer away because my hair’s the most cooperative if it air dries anyway.

I hate this picture from immediately following the cut and “style” but I’ll show it to you anyway because that’s what I do:



Side by side, her styling my hair versus me styling my hair:

IMG_4232IMG_4264 (640x480)

Okay then, rock on with your bad selves…

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DONNA June 29, 2012 at 11:31 am

You look beautiful any way!


JASON SIROTIN June 29, 2012 at 11:43 am

I love the cut! Looking good momma!


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