Hanging Up The Horns

by Courtney Sirotin on February 22, 2012

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Its been a good ride, but I’m more than ready to say goodbye to this solider of war.

(If I have any male readers, you may want to skip this one.)

Its been over a month since I last used a breast pump of any sort. Dylan is still nursing but I am no longer doing anything to encourage or maintain my milk supply. This is a big deal for me because there was a time not long ago that I was taking two medicines and pumping constantly to keep it up. It feels so good to not worry about that anymore.

Tonight I made it official by packing away my pumps and pump parts.

IMG_0770 (640x480)IMG_0772 (640x480)

I’ve been trying to tackle a few long overdue household projects in anticipation of having my family here for a visit next week. (yay! yay! yay! I’m so excited to see them!) I pretty much haven’t done any organizing beyond daily maintenance since Dylan was born. Perhaps it is not unrelated that I have a few minutes to do things now that I’m not pumping anymore.

One project I have not tackled but seriously need to is cleaning out the closet where my pumps are going. Check this mess out:

IMG_0764 (640x480)IMG_0765 (640x480)IMG_0766 (640x480)IMG_0767 (640x480)

I just open the door and throw things in there. Might I suggest to any new parents that as overwhelming as a newborn can be, this is not the best strategy for dealing with clutter. It doesn’t magically disappear.

Since we’re talking about boobs, I think its time I share with you the key piece to my nighttime Superwoman uniform:

nursing shirt (640x427)

Sorry, that wasn’t not nearly as exciting as it sounded.

I have four of these long-sleeved-ripped-open-down-the-front shirts in my nightly rotation. Over the course of my nursing relationship with Dylan I have discovered that everything is easier, and we both get more sleep, if he has easy access to the goods at night. Thus, I crawl into bed wearing these hideous and bizarre shirts tucked into my yoga pants because otherwise they get all twisted. Its quite a sight. We will all celebrate when I can retire these shirts as well, no one more than Jay.

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RUSS February 22, 2012 at 10:41 pm

Words just escape me Doll……. LoL


COURTNEY February 23, 2012 at 12:37 am

That’s a first! 🙂


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