Happy Blogiversary!

by Courtney Sirotin on January 4, 2013

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A couple of days ago I told Jay it was coming up on the one year anniversary of this blog. I guess I was looking for a reaction along the lines of, “Oh, wow! That’s awesome! Happy Anniversary! I’m proud of you for keeping it up.”

Instead, he said, “Has it only been a year? I feel like you’ve been doing it forever.”

And so, in the event that you guys find this news as underwhelming as my husband, it is with a moderate level of excitement that I announce that today is my Blogiversary.

It is customary in the blog world to mark anniversaries with a highlight reel of the past year. This is not something I am going to do for two reasons. First, I don’t particularly like reading highlight reel-type posts so I’m not keen on making one of my own. Second, if I were to comb through my archives from the past year and see all of the pictures of Dylan growing up it would trigger a waterfall of tears and emotions that I just don’t want to manage right now. I can barely even think of him as a baby without welling up!

Writing this blog has become very important to me. I feel compelled to share snippets of my life and interests with all of you and I look forward to pausing in my days to both express myself and create this place for my memories. Being away from my family and not having a job outside of the house can be isolating but this blog helps give me a voice and connects me to people all around the world. Its cool and I’m glad I’ve stuck with it.

I love talking to you guys! You are my imaginary audience. I mean, I know you are real people, but since I don’t actually know who you are (outside of family and select friends), you’re still sort of fantasy-people to me. I imagine you all to be quite talented and beautiful though. If you ever feel inclined to let me know who you are, I would LOVE it. But there’s no pressure.

Since my first post was about duck poop and this blog is, at its heart, a chronicle of my messy life, I think its fitting for me to leave you with a peak inside my pantry. Just keeping it real.


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