If You Like Listening To People Chew…

by Courtney Sirotin on November 29, 2012

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Then have I got the podcast for you!

(Also, you’re weird.)

Sometimes I like to tell you guys about things that I’m currently digging. Today’s installment comes in the form of a podcast called Spilled Milk. It is the “foodie” version of the hilarious Mike and Tom Eat Snacks podcast (which I praise here and here.).

The hosts of Spilled Milk don’t take themselves seriously, but they are very serious about food. Because of this, their podcast isn’t quite as irreverent as Mike and Tom’s, but that has its perks. Listening to this podcast, I’ve learned a lot of random facts about different foods and have amassed a bunch of new recipes that I want to try. I especially like how the hosts make seemingly boring foods like spinach become interesting and crave-worthy.

The Spilled Milk podcast is hosted by food writers Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton. In case you’re curious (I was), this is what they look like:

2009_03_01-Molly      prar01_burton212

(p.s. Molly has a blog called Orangette that I really love too!)

Each Spilled Milk podcast runs about 15 minutes. Molly and Matthew pick a food topic (i.e. broccoli, rice, eggs, sour candy, granola bars, honey, steak, etc.), talk about their individual experiences with the food, make and eat a couple recipes, and then share tips and tricks about how to prepare the food (if applicable). All the while, they have very entertaining discussions and have a great (platonic) chemistry that feels familiar and comforting in a “just hanging out with my friends” kind of way. I find myself smiling while I listen to them and occasionally even laughing out loud (only notable because it is very hard to get me to laugh out loud). I think the fact that I am roughly the same age as them draws me in because I share a lot of the same childhood memories as they do surrounding certain foods.

My only complaints are, overall, pretty meaningless. (Of course, I’ll share them with you anyway because that’s what I do.):

First, it definitely turns my stomach a little when I listen to them chew. Second, and last, they are more cultured than I am (in terms of traveling the world) and sometimes they do that thing where they annunciate the appropriate way of saying things in other languages just a little bit to well. Molly speaks French and Matthew speaks Japanese so when they say French or Japanese words they say them all fancy and it is mildly annoying. (Yes, I realize I only make myself look bad in saying that but I’m just keeping it real.)

So, my own inadequacies aside, Spilled Milk is a funny, entertaining and informative podcast and I highly recommend it! I first discovered it a couple months ago and quickly listened to all the past episodes so now I have to wait until the new ones come out every couple of weeks. Molly just had a baby so I bet they will be coming out even more slowly now…which I totally understand!.

Go have a listen!

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