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by Courtney Sirotin on March 10, 2012

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I’ll agree that it’s pretty boring reading about other people’s kids. Its sort of like hearing about other people’s dreams. Why do I care?

Unfortunately for you, I feel the urge to share some random cute pictures of Dylan tonight. These were all taken in the last 48 hours. Indulge me?

Let’s start with my favorite! I was doing my face today and not paying much attention to Dylan and when I looked over, he was into my makeup.

22 (640x480)23 (640x480)26 (640x480)

He knew what he was doing too!


Here he is getting an important phone call and needing some privacy:

29 (640x480)30 (640x480)31 (640x480)

He wouldn’t tell me what it was about.


Here’s Dylan relaxing with his great-grandmother. They have the same hair:

16 (640x480)


And now to redeem him from the make-up pics, here he is looking like a stereotypical little boy:

27 (640x480)


Oh! And he’s been eating like a champ! Fried food…


and sausage…

20 (640x480)

Is this even something to celebrate? I’d love to give this boy a strawberry but I guess its all progress for now.


We went to a children’s museum today and came across one of these things:

35 (640x480)

It took everything I had not to smoosh my whole face into it.


I’ll be back Sunday night or Monday morning with a weekend recap. I’m not sure what’s on the agenda yet, but it will probably be busy and filled with babies because that’s how people roll around here.

As I write this, Dylan is in bed and I’m holding my sweet nephew, Trevor:

photo (640x480)

(Wow, I look really serious in that picture.)

Trevor’s big brother, Parker, is still under the weather so Trevor’s spending the night here (at my mom and dad’s house, where I am staying) while my sister takes care of Parker at her house. There is nothing better than holding a cuddly, warm newborn…who has a full belly…and isn’t crying…so I’m going to sign off now and just enjoy this for a bit. Smile

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ALIX March 10, 2012 at 2:02 pm

Very sweet post Courtney. You should see my Ben with my makeup brushes! About the strawberry thing, Ben loves freeze dried fruit. They come in these Disney packets and they have strawberry, apple & banana mix. Ben loves it. It’s pretty much the real stuff, just freeze-dried. Has Dylan tried it?
And your little nephew is sooo cute!


COURTNEY March 10, 2012 at 3:40 pm

I tried freeze dried fruit a few months ago but he wouldn’t touch it. I’m going to try again, though, because it’s a great idea and seems like it *should* appeal to him! I just looked at pics of Ben on FB and oh. my. god….he is adorable!


RUSS March 10, 2012 at 3:44 pm

“I’ll agree that it’s pretty boring reading about other people’s kids. Its sort of like hearing about other people’s dreams. Why do I care?”
I’ll tell you why you care. Because there are some folks out here that don’t have the luxury of being able to be with you guys on a daily basis and we kind of like seeing and hearing about all of you. Love you Doll, Russ


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