Last Days in New Hampshire

by Courtney Sirotin on January 10, 2014

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I come to you from a bench at Dylan’s school as I wait for him to finish up his speech class. I feel like a mess today with achiness, low appetite, nausea, headaches and tiredness. Its not the flu or anything viral; it feels more like I’m having morning sickness again. Poor Dylan has a sinus infection so I think I’m going to have us both take it easy the rest of the day. We had to start him on antibiotics last night and it was not fun; I’m not looking forward to getting him to take the medicine for the next 10 days. He is not a kid that can be reasoned with when it comes to oral medication and my usual trick didn’t work last night. (Usual trick  = hide it in a shot glass of chocolate syrup). We ended up getting him to drink it in some vanilla milk but I think that only worked because he was so congested he couldn’t taste anything; once his sinuses clear up and his taste buds return, its going to be impossible!

I have a few more pictures to share from our New Hampshire trip and then after that all posts will take place in Georgia for a long time because I won’t be traveling again until well after the baby arrives. Going through these pictures was bittersweet because I will miss seeing everyone! Good things are coming, though. Smile

I thought I’d start with some shots of my parents’ backyard after a big snow fall last week. My dad was on the deck shoveling and insisted I come out to capture the eerie beauty.

IMG_5609 (640x480)IMG_5610 (640x480)IMG_5615 (640x480)IMG_5616 (640x480)

My mom took this awesome picture of my dad through the window that morning too. When I think of him and winter, this is the kind of image that comes to mind. I’ve seen icicles on his moustache so many times in my life.

IMG_5648 (640x480)

We rung in 2014 while I was there. I actually rung it in in my sleep because I can’t stay awake past 11pm to save my life these days (I was probably in bed before 10pm on New Years if I’m being honest). I got this fortune that night and thought it was pretty appropriate for a new year/new baby…

IMG_5624 (640x480)

Also, d’uh.

Here are a few cute moments of Dylan and his cousins hanging out, taken from different days so they’re in no particular order:

IMG_5631 (640x480)

IMG_5715 (640x480)

(That was Julia making her “cute face” on command and Dylan trying to copy it. I think he nailed it!)

IMG_5606 (640x480)

Dylan snuggling with Uncle Ben. Smile

IMG_5645 (480x640)

Here is a cute video of Dylan and Trevor dancing together. They have the same awkward moves…

And here’s a video of Ryder wearing a weird fake beard and trying to scare his cousins. I walked into this at the end so I’m not sure what was going on really:

We took a trip to Fun Spot during the week. It was just my mom, dad, Dylan and me. Dylan wanted to do the bumper cars the most so my mom took him for a spin.

IMG_5655 (480x640)

These are probably the tamest bumper cars in all the land!

Other highlights of our time at Fun Spot include Dylan’s five minutes of candlepin bowling.

IMG_5662 (640x480)

And air hockey with my mom. Oh, I adore this picture! Its my new desktop.

IMG_5667 (640x480)

And he did a few rides. After that we went into Meredith for a late lunch.

IMG_5678 (640x480)

We ate at one of my parents’ favorite restaurants, an Italian place called Giuseppe’s. There is a cool waterfall outside the restaurant which was half frozen and really pretty to watch (while shivering).

IMG_5683 (640x480)

Everyone was at my parents’ house on my second to last day and we took the kids out sledding. Well, we tried to but the snow wasn’t the right consistency.

IMG_5686 (640x480)

IMG_5691 (640x480)

IMG_5696 (640x480)

IMG_5707 (480x640)

My dad figured out a path that allowed for a little bit of a ride on the sled, but it certainly wasn’t as thrilling as going down the big hill at the front of the house.

IMG_5749 (640x480)

Gentle sledding:

Here’s another video of Dylan and my dad sledding. This one shows an even more relaxed approach.

And finally, Julia making snow angels!

IMG_5701 (480x640)IMG_5703 (480x640)IMG_5702 (480x640)IMG_5704 (480x640)IMG_5700 (480x640)IMG_5705 (480x640)

Katie came over that evening for a final visit. Everyone was working on a mammoth puzzle. Here’s Katie with my sister, Jamie and Ryder. Looks like they are all practicing Julia’s “cute face” pose:

IMG_5721 (640x480)

The night before I left, my mom and Dylan made cookies while I scrambled to pack nearly a month’s worth of stuff, including all of Dylan’s random toys and Christmas presents. It was an ordeal to pack.

IMG_5739 (640x480)

And then we were off on our journey back to Georgia. We had an hour delay but it wasn’t so bad because Dylan loves walking through the airport greeting strangers, befriending kids and watching the activities outside the window. He is so at home at airports.

IMG_5754 (640x480)

The next time I fly I’ll have two kids with me and I’ll be starting the process all over again with a little one! Awkward in-flight breastfeeding experiences, here I come!

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CAROL January 12, 2014 at 2:07 am

Happy New Year tou you and your family! These were wonderful pictures of your visit and all the kids! It was nice to see the adults, too! Feral better and have an uneventful pregnancy from here on in!!


DONNA January 14, 2014 at 4:28 am

The winter scenes are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. Dylan looks like he is having a good time with his cousins and I just had a great time with him! He is such a great and fun-loving little boy! It was a great visit and I can’t wait to see you all again!


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