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by Courtney Sirotin on May 31, 2013

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I’m sorry I’ve been so slow with my posts lately! Nothing has changed, but I feel extra busy. Not a good excuse! I’ll try to be better. Smile

Anyway, smothering Dylan with kisses constantly is starting to payoff. He thinks this is what people do all the time and now he’s smothering me back. Best. Thing. Ever. The only time this backfires is when he tries to kiss strangers on the lips. He does this rather often, so I’m also trying to teach him the difference between kissing his mommy and kissing the bagger at the grocery store. He’s on the verge of getting it, I think.

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We have been having this recurring date that I love. We go to see a show at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta and then pop over to Atlantic Station to walk around and get frozen yogurts.

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We go to all the Puppetry shows, so I got a membership yesterday. It will save us money on tickets in the long run and we get priority seating, so I think its worth it. Also, they were having a special going yesterday so I got the membership at a discount. Now we have memberships at the Center for Puppetry Arts, Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium. I don’t see any reason to ever be bored now.


Spin art, sand art, Play-Doh and books are the activities of choice at home.

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We are also using the pool in our neighborhood again. Dylan was skittish around the water the first time we went this year, but by his second visit he was back to jumping in the water from the side of the pool.


He wears a life vest so he doesn’t really go under, though it didn’t happen once and he didn’t freak out. I’m not sure if its smart to keep him in a life vest because he won’t really learn how to swim or stay buoyant on his own. He might also feel weird and vulnerable if he wears it all summer and then I take him for lessons and he doesn’t have it on anymore. The problem is, he likes wearing it (he’s grown attached) and it gives me peace of mind in the moment. I guess it will sort itself out. (This, by the way, is my primary parenting philosophy.).

Dylan’s preschool transitions to “camp” over the summer. He’ll still be going part time (three half days per week). They focus less on “academics” during camp and more on fun. The kids play outside in the water everyday so I think he will enjoy the change. I will have to dip him in a tub of sunscreen before he leaves each morning. I spend a lot of energy during the summer protecting his snow white skin. I’m sure he will undo all my work once he grows up and won’t let me slather him in lotions anymore, but I’ll do my best in the meantime.


Dylan continues to love letter and numbers. He likes to find letters in everyday objects and also forms them with his hands (you kind of have to see it to understand). I’ve temporarily stopped worrying about possible hyperlexia because he doesn’t seem as obsessed with letters as he was a few months ago. He gets a new speech therapist once he turns three so I’ll be able to get a second opinion on that. Again, I think (hope) it will sort itself out. Its actually kind of mind-blowing to see all the places he finds letter shapes and how many he can form with his hands, so I’m trying to appreciate that he might have a talent developing in that way. Its seems sort of artistic to me, anyway.

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I guess that’s all the news on the Dylan front! TTFN! Smile

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CAROL June 1, 2013 at 3:50 pm

All I can say is, Dylan’s second cousins in Massachusetts all wear swim vests when out by the pool. It’s their second shirt!! I’d rather the boys be safe than worrying or constantly telling them to be careful!!! As they get older, and learn basic swim techniques, the vests will come off!!
Lucky you that you and Dylan can enjoy all Atlanta has to offer!!!!
Stay Cool!


DONNA CUSHING June 3, 2013 at 1:33 am

Dylan is such a lucky little fella to have such wonderful opportunities! You have some terrific things to do! I also am glad he wears his life helps him to be comfortable and enjoy the water. And I agree that life sorts itself out. Enjoy it all! Thank you for sharing all you do on this blog. Reading this is a highlight for me always!


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