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by Courtney Sirotin on August 2, 2013

Did any of you noticed I skipped the Weekend Recap this week? Its been busy around here so I decided to hold onto the recap a few days so that I could post a bigger recap with more pictures. These are just some snapshots from the last week. The days kinda run together, but I’ll explain what we were up to during these moments.

We took the kids to the ocean one day. Katie also came to help out as there were more kids than adults!

IMG_2689 (640x480)

IMG_2692 (640x480)

This was lunch on the beach…

IMG_2695 (640x480)

Ice cream after the beach was mandatory!

IMG_2701 (640x480)

Katie even allowed me to take a picture of her!

IMG_2706 (640x480)

Dylan and I spent a few nights at Kelly’s house. Here she is reading to the boys:

IMG_2709 (640x480)

It appears to be an engaging story!

IMG_2707 (640x480)

I ran out for groceries one night and caught a fireworks display on my way out.

IMG_2717 (640x480)

Another day we went up to lake Winnipesauke to use the family boat. There is a nice clubhouse there with a lot of toys to keep the kids entertained as well as a small beach for swimming.

IMG_2726 (640x480)

My grandmother came too but she and my mom stayed at the clubhouse with Trevor while the rest of us used the boat.

IMG_2725 (480x640)

We drove the boat to Weirs Beach then docked to walk around. The kids played at a really old-school arcade for awhile. Check out these marionettes!

IMG_2727 (640x480)

And these Sega games!

IMG_2728 (640x480)

IMG_2732 (640x480)

Dylan and Julia have been mistaken for twins a few times over the past couple weeks. Basically anytime I have been alone with them in public someone has asked me if they are twins. Must be the hair.

IMG_2737 (640x480)

I love watching them play together.

IMG_2738 (640x480)

This video in particular makes me LOL because Julia tries very hard to fit a large necklace in a small container.

Probably the most exciting and important news of the week is that Ryder performed in his first rock show! We got a sneak preview the night before the show…

IMG_2752 (477x640)

Random picture of Dylan sleeping on a couch because he just crashed there and that never usually happens.

IMG_2751 (640x480)

Dylan and I went to the mall with Ryder on the morning of the show. He wanted to find the perfect rock star outfit.

IMG_2754 (640x480)

Um…nailed it. Right?! How awesome is this kid?!

IMG_2765 (480x640)

The kids warmed up the dance floor while we waited for Ryder to take the stage with his band. This video is super awesome because it shows what dancing looks like before you learn how to dance. I love watching how each of these kids interpret dancing:

Ryder was amazing. Truly. Let me gush for a minute. First of all, he looked like a total rock star and he really owned his look. He was completely unselfconscious and confident onstage. He has poise, presence and tons of personality. On top of that, he played his guitar beautifully and sang his heart out. If anyone’s taking bets, I put my money on this kid making it big someday!

IMG_2773 (640x480)

Check him out for yourself!

The only snafu to the evening of the show was when Dylan flipped out while Ryder was on stage. I think he thought Ryder was in pain on stage or something because he was singing so loudly and Dylan didn’t really understand why. I had to leave with him the moment the show ended. Katie and her boyfriend, Brad, came to the show too but I barely got to see them! Anyway, the only thing that could calm Dylan down enough to get him in the car seat was the promise of ice cream. Seems to be a trend in our lives.

Ice cream at twilight…

IMG_2782 (640x480)

But its all good, because I made Dylan work it off the next day Winking smile

IMG_2795 (640x480)

Another day my sisters and I took the kids to Portsmouth. They played at a park for a while.

IMG_2800 (640x480)

IMG_2802 (640x480)

And got ice cream (of course).

IMG_2803 (640x480)

Parker making cute faces:

IMG_2807 (640x480)

IMG_2809 (640x480)

I saw this picture of Pee-wee and it made me think of Jay. <3

IMG_2810 (640x480)

We also walked down by the water.

IMG_2811 (640x480)

Here’s an adorable video of this kids playing Ring Around the Rosie!

Another day I took Dylan to a small beach in Wolfeboro. He didn’t want to go in the water but sat in a hole we dug for a long time. He kept pretending the pile of mud was a soft serve ice cream machine. I swear his life revolves around ice cream. He made pretend cones for anyone who walked by and paid him any notice.

IMG_2817 (640x480)

Later that day he played more with Julia. Its been an unusual visit home because my sister Alana and her family are also staying with my parents while their new house is being built. Its been awesome for Dylan because everywhere he goes he has cousins to play with! They all learn a lot from each other.

IMG_2820 (640x480)

And its been great for Dylan to practice his sharing. Teamwork in action:

IMG_2821 (640x480)

Another trip to the grocery store…notable only because I went by myself. A rare treat!

IMG_2822 (640x480)

And now we come to today! We did a bunch today but I don’t have much evidence. We took the kids to a toy store, out to lunch and to a park. After that we went to the movies and to an outdoor festival on the beach.

I got this amazing video of Ryder swinging at the park with an eccentric women who happened to be there. It was scorching out but she seems really overdressed. At one point she asked Ryder if she could push him! I love interesting and eccentric people! Reminds me of this video I took awhile back…

Finally, some great pics of Dylan with his rock star cousin.

IMG_2830 (640x480)

Dylan is enthralled by Ryder and loves when Ryder gives him any kind of attention.

IMG_2831 (640x480)

He was pretty much in heaven here…

IMG_2832 (640x480)

<3 Melts my heart! <3

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DONNA August 2, 2013 at 11:47 am

All of you melt my heart and bring tears to my eyes! Great pictures and words:)


CAROL GLOSKI August 2, 2013 at 9:18 pm

What beautiful memories you will all have!! And, Ryder, I will have to listen to you play and sing!! Courtney, thank you for doing this blog!!


COURTNEY August 3, 2013 at 1:20 am

Thank you for reading it!


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