My Beauty Concoction – An Update

by Courtney Sirotin on February 4, 2012

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You may remember a few weeks ago I started a new skin care regimen after my homemade beauty concoction failed. I purchased this line of products from Origins and have used them long enough now to share my opinion.

Would that I could recommend Origins, but sadly, I cannot. My face has never been so spotty! (That’s a classy way of saying I have zits). I guess I’ll use up what I have and then try something new. Back to the drawing board…

I wonder if cutting down on nursing is causing my hormones to go wonky and that’s why I’m breaking out?

I think these products would be good for someone with normal skin because they absolutely left it feeling soft. The cleanser stung my eyes, which I found annoying, but I could get over that if I liked the way my skin was responding to it.

Each of the products (cleanser, serum and moisturizer) were quite concentrated and thick. Concentration is good because it means you can stretch the product out and get your money’s worth, but I think the thickness, and all the layering of products, just clogged up my pores in the end. I did use the exfoliating brush every few days but it didn’t seem to do much to fix the clogging issue.

Writing about skin care is gross.

Anyway, last night I used my old concoction of coconut butter (trying this instead of the coconut oil), honey and baking soda and I have to say, my skin already feels better and less oily. I know this won’t be my final regimen because I had issues with it, too, but I may integrate it into the rotation until I use up the rest of the Origins stuff or find something better.

Operation Skin Care…to be continued.

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JASON SIROTIN February 5, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Thanks for posting this! I was waiting anxiously for an update about this. These are things I really care about.


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