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by Courtney Sirotin on January 21, 2012

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I had a stubborn zit on my chin a number of months ago when I was visiting home. It was prominent my whole visit and I was embarrassed. After I got the zit I changed my beauty routine because I wanted it to be more natural. I had been using Proactiv, which is kind of harsh, and since it wasn’t working (hello…zit), I figured maybe my skin just needed a break from the chemicals.

Rather than go out and buy something organic, I decided to save money and get ultra-organic by coming up with my own beauty concoction consisting of a slurry of coconut oil, honey and baking soda. The coconut oil has antibacterial properties and is hydrating, the honey is also antibacterial and softening, and the baking soda, which I only use a few times a week, is for exfoliation. My plan was to use this concoction forever and once all my acne cleared up and I started getting compliments on my fresh and dewy complexion, I would reveal my secret to the world. (Sometime I’ll have to tell you about my rendezvous with “No Poo” and the vinegar and chamomile hair conditioner I made. Not the best days for my tresses…)

For a while I thought it was working because I didn’t have any zits but my skin still felt a little blah. About a month ago I started to really second guess my regime when I started getting zits again, but I pushed through. My skin certainly wasn’t any worse than when I was using Proactiv, but it wasn’t much better either (though I did feel good about saving money and avoiding chemicals).

Today Dylan and I needed something to do so I decided it was a good day to go to the mall and use the Macy’s gift card I got for Christmas to buy myself some new facial products. I spent the first half of the mall trip focused on Dylan. We ate lunch in the food court (what he eats of lunch, that is) and then I took him to play in the kids’ area for 45 minutes. After that he was spent and mellow so it was a good time to go to Macy’s because I knew he would be relaxed while I looked around.

Origins won for having the most natural-looking marketing, so I went there and let the salesperson sell me on a starter kit. She threw in a bunch of samples too. Tonight, after Dylan fell asleep and before Jay got home from a late meeting, I threw a couple pans of parsnips and onions in the oven and then set about trying my new products.

I wanted to document it for the blog so I attempted to take a picture of my face before I washed it. I found getting a shot quite challenging. Notice the concerned look on my face.

Then I laid out my loot:


The salesperson was meticulous about providing me with information on how to wash my face. She wanted me to know the order in which to use the products, when to use them, how much to use and so forth. It was all obvious stuff that any girl knows but I humored her. Here are a few of her notes:

So I got started:

Many steps later, my face was clean and hydrated and I attempted to document it:

I’ll let you know what I think of the products after I’ve used them for awhile.

When all that was done, I took the parsnips and onions out of the oven and assembled my dinner:

What you see there is a typical meal for me consisting of a mishmosh of things. In this bowl I have arugula, butternut squash, the parsnips and onions, kidney beans and Greek yogurt. I had some oatmeal on the side.

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JOYCE FROM MBC *WILL FOLLOW BACK* January 21, 2012 at 9:47 pm

Play time at the mall sounds fun.


JASON SIROTIN January 27, 2012 at 6:08 pm

I find all of this completely ridiculous! I have been with Courtney for over 8 years and no matter what products she uses she occasionally gets some acne. I know exactly why this happens…because she is HUMAN! People get zits that’s just how it goes. I’m rocking one right now and I named it Mt. Pussmore. I think she should go back to basics. It’s called soap and water. It’s much cheaper and less time consuming than all of this.


COURTNEY January 28, 2012 at 1:12 am

Don’t go spreading rumors…I am NOT human. Sheesh.


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