“My” Movie Is Coming Out

by Courtney Sirotin on January 5, 2012

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I forgot to take pictures today and that’s a poor way to start a new blog. When I went to blog tonight, after Dylan was asleep, I complained about my lack of pictures to my husband, Jay, and was about to throw in the towel (because no one wants to read a blog without pictures) when he threw me an idea.

He said, “You could write about the movie coming out. It’s in every Blockbuster in America, Amazon, Wal-Mart and every Red Box.”

I was like, “Nah.” Because that didn’t really interest me. I actually laughed because he was so far off base from what I want this blog to be about. I guess my response was weird to Jay because he said, “That’s a perfect example of why you’re a mess. Most people go their entire life without being a part of a major movie and you don’t even care that your name is in the opening credits.”

And honestly, I don’t! First of all, working on that movie was a lifetime ago. It was 2008. Second of all, it’s not like I starred in the movie, I was just a producer and the script supervisor. Ha ha! I can just hear Jay gasping now at my description of myself as “just” anything. He would argue that I was pivotal to the success of the movie. He is my biggest advocate and is always up-selling what I’m down-selling. In this case, I actually do feel I played a semi-important role in the production because my script supervising skills on set were second to none. I was a detail-oriented BEAST! I was so paranoid that I would screw something major up (or just look dumb) that I over-compensated and probably worked way too hard. But ANYWAY, my point is, that was a million years ago and it certainly didn’t impact my day today, when my big “outing” was going to Publix for a new tube of Aquaphor to smear on Dylan’s bum. However, since Jay took a million pictures on the set of the movie, The Fat Boy Chronicles, I’ll indulge him and use my top 10(ish) to write this post.

(Side note: The above story is your first glimpse as to how different Jason (Jay) and I are as people. He is a wheeler and dealer. A businessman. A salesman. Success driven. Self-promoting (see www.jasonsirotin.com). He’s constantly challenging and bettering himself. He likes to have conversations with strangers and make connections. He has symbiotic relationships. In short, I am none of these things. I don’t say that to belittle myself because my more haphazard approach to life has it’s strengths too. I’m just pointing it out as good context to have as you read this blog.)

(Side note 2: As I was typing this at 10pm, Dylan woke up. I nursed him back to sleep and forced myself to get out of bed to finish this post.)

Without further ado, the following are an assortment of pictures of me on set, along with commentary.

Picture 1: Confused

I spent the first week or so on set completely confused. I had never been a “Script and Continuity Supervisor” before…though I might have led on that I had. (Shhhh!) I’d spent the weeks leading up to the shoot preparing. I read books on how to do the job, got all my supplies, broke down the script in a multitude of ways, constructed forms, reports and spreadsheets…and fretted. I actually cried the first night because I was so overwhelmed. Then, as all things tend to do, it slowly got better. The challenge for me was that to do the job of a Script Supervisor you have to be a detail-oriented and organized person. As the title of my blog would suggest, I am not organically these things. I am, however, an anxious person who fears authority and wants to please others, so I made it work.

Picture 2: Working Hard

Here I am going over the script with the Art Director, Celeste. Don’t I look like I’m working hard?! Binders, pink paper, and mechanical pencils will totally do that. Well, the pink paper indicates that something in the original script has been changed so what I was probably doing here was going over the changes with Celeste and making sure none of them would affect the continuity of what had already been shot and what was going to be shot in the future. I was probably very concerned about this and having a minor panic attack that something on set would be one degree out of place. Celeste was probably humoring me.

Picture 3: Continuing to Work Hard…and Eating Sun Chips

See all those pink pages?! I bet I was furiously entering the changes into my spreadsheet!

Picture 4: My DORKY DAY!

The shoot took place 2ish hours from our house and the hours on set were loooong, so everyone stayed at a rundown hotel for the duration of the shoot. I was living out of a suitcase and trying to put together new and fresh outfits each day with a limited number of clothes, most of which were dirty because we were shooting in Georgia in August and it was hot (read: H.O.T.!!!!) On the day this picture was taken, my clothing situation was dire. I am sad to admit that I actually arrived to set in the top you see here and a pair of knee length, brown, cotton, MOM SHORTS and RUNNING SNEAKERS. It was bad. A couple people saw me, including Jay, who had arrived to set earlier than me, and he did me the favor of suggesting I change my outfit if I had any extra clothes in my bag. Luckily, I had the (dirty) jean skirt you see in the picture still in my bag (because I am a mess and don’t clean out my bags each day) and put it on behind a car. The rest of the outfit speaks for itself. The hat, while ridiculous, prevented skin cancer. But don’t I look happy despite my fashion emergency!? And thirsty?

Picture 5: Baby’s Got Back!

I’ve always found this picture amusing because it looks like I’m checking out Harmony, the Makeup Artist’s, butt. In all fairness, she has a great butt.

Picture 6: Huh?

Here I am with the director of the movie, Jason Winn. What am I doing??? That is all.

Picture 7a, 7b and 7c: Awwwww!

My third wedding anniversary (August 20th…which, by the way, is also my Dad’s birthday, the day after Dylan’s birthday, and the day before my sister, Alana’s, birthday) fell on a work day on set and my creative and loving husband surprised me with an anniversary lunch in the garden of the house where we were filming. He used lighting equipment to create a private space and had the catering company make us a special meal while the rest of the crew ate dog food. Just kidding, the food was great on set! But this meal was extra special!

(Side note: At this point, this post is entirely being fueled by Nestle Toll House Dark Chocolate Morsels. If I stop eating them I will have to go to bed.)

Picture 8a and 8b: Mixed Emotions

Here’s a picture of Jay and I making sad faces:

And now to lighten things up, here’s my happy face:

Picture 9: The Cool Room

This is a picture of one of the many makeshift hair, make-up and wardrobe rooms utilized during filming. These two ladies are Harmony (nice butt!) and Ashley. They are cool girls and fun things happened wherever they were working. Typical of me, I avoided going into their room most of the time because I’m more of a serious person and get a little nervous around cool, fun girls. From time to time, however, I would force myself to visit them and be social because anti-social girls are weird, right? Luckily, this picture was snapped during one of my forced social moments so it looks like I was cool too. Expect for the fact that I just admitted I’m not.

Below is a picture of me with me with another cool girl who worked on the movie. Her name is Beth. She worked with Celeste in the Art Department. Isn’t she pretty?! Even though she is cool I felt a little more comfortable with her because she’s on the serious side, too. We went for power walks together after the days wrapped. Because that’s what cool/serious girls do.

Picture 10: That’s A Wrap (Expect For Scripty!)

(Side note: “Scripty” is the nickname given to a Script and Continuity Supervisor on set. I like it.)

See all the hugging and celebrating going on here? This picture was taken just moments after the director called “Cut!” on the final shot of the movie. This was the time everyone kicked up their heels, popped open the champagne and started to let loose in preparation of the long-awaited after-party. Guess who kept working? Yep, this girl.

I was so OCD about my convoluted spreadsheets and filing system that I actually skipped the after-party to get more work done. I suppose what needs to be noted here is that nothing I was trying to get done was even necessary. I was driven solely by compulsion. Days later I would send my detailed logs, notes and spreadsheets off to the editor and he would promptly discard about 60% of them as overkill. And if I’m being honest, I knew that what I was doing was overkill even at the time. I just get caught up in doing things a certain, rigid way that sometimes I can’t see the sunlight through the trees (Is that the expression?). Anyway, I should have gone to the party.

And here we are four years later. The movie is coming out today and I should care more than I do. Writing this post has made me a little nostalgic about it, so I am grateful for that, but I’m still going to wake up in the morning and change a urine-soaked diaper, suction a nose and read ten pop-up books before my first cup of coffee. The movie coming out doesn’t directly impact me the way it does Jay, who will wake up, head to work and make more movies. And that’s why I laughed at him when he suggested I write about it on my blog. My blog that I imagine will be more about urine-soaked diapers than anything else. But we will see.

A final note…

Not evident in any of these pictures is what was happening in my personal life at the time. I was desperately trying to get pregnant and was in the depths of fertility treatments. I was scheduling intercourse, having ultrasounds, getting blood work done and yada, yada, yada. (This is all stuff I will elaborate on in a future post.) But when I look back at these pictures, and when I think about the movie coming out today, my struggle to have a baby is what I remember the most.

The following year I worked on another movie. I won’t bore you with the details of that one today, other than to leave you with this one picture. Notice something different around my middle?

Ignore the weirdo in the bathtub.

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SAVVY January 6, 2012 at 3:52 am

Great blog! I especially like the guy in the bathtub!!


BRIDGET January 6, 2012 at 3:25 pm

Harmony does have a great butt.


JOYCE FROM MBC *WILL FOLLOW BACK* January 22, 2012 at 8:09 pm

cool pictures. I like your blog!!


JASON SIROTIN February 8, 2012 at 1:31 pm

In keeping with the theme of this blog post please visit my website and my companies websites.


HARMONY KUBIAK February 8, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Oh man, if I only knew you were checking out my butt! Haha!! Great blog- you didn’t give yourself enough credit Courtney because you were the best “scripty” ever & NO, you aren’t weird. Miss you guys – let’s make another movie!


ASHLEY NEWSOM February 8, 2012 at 8:19 pm

Courtney! This brings me back. I am so proud of our film!!! I agree with Harmony. Lets do another movie!!! Miss you guys hope all is well.

Feeling particularly uncool,


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