Once Upon A Time…

by Courtney Sirotin on May 2, 2014

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…I had a baby. He is in college now.

Not really.

It feels like forever ago but its only been three weeks. You can add “announcing the birth of a child” to the list of my other shortcomings, along with things like, “sending out thank you notes in a timely manner/at all” and “cleaning my house”. All things I very much want to do but seem to never accomplish. I’m bad at this grown up thing.

I am good, however, at making a baby. The evidence is Levi. He is so freakin’ amazing! Just like his brother.

IMG_6771 (640x480)

I could write a novel about the last three weeks, but since it took me so long to announce Levi’s birth on this blog, I’ll have to condense the experience or risk never finishing this post. The same goes with pictures; I am accumulating them quickly and can’t put them all in here or the page will never load! I will do what I never do and force myself to be selective rather than just dump them all in one post.

IMG_6796 (640x480)IMG_6763 (640x480)IMG_6740 (640x480)

First, about the birth.

Levi Phoenix Sirotin was born on April 11, 2014 at 40 weeks. He weighed in at 7lbs. 13oz and was 20 inches long. All ten fingers (no more, no less), ten toes, two ears and one nose were accounted for. He has six legs, but that will probably benefit him on the track team some day, so we are thinking of them as a bonus. Winking smile

IMG_6700 (480x640)

IMG_6704 (480x640)

The birth itself was magical! I use that word now but in the moment I might have used “intense” (I refused to let the word “pain” enter my brain!) and maybe “other worldly”. But really, it couldn’t have been more of this world since natural child birth is how our species survived until modern medicine. Still, it was in another world from experiences I’ve had in the past. There is something extraordinary about giving birth without medication or intervention. The sense of accomplishment is profound even though, really, what did I accomplish that my body wasn’t designed to do anyway? The purity of the experience (despite all the “gore” as Jason, who bore witness, might call it), made me feel completely connected to my humanity and, more profoundly, to Levi. There were other people present in the room, but the experience is really only a journey of two people, intimately entwined, working together. Your world becomes very small in those moments. I’ll spare you the exact details unless you say you want them because maybe birth stories are like dreams and only interesting to the people who had them? In case that’s true, lets jump ahead to after he was born.

(Warning: The following video shows Levi coming out. Its graphic, but no more so than something you’d see on TLC. Watch it at your own discretion. I’m including it for posterity.)

The hospital experience was annoying, as you might expect, but also pretty typical. Levi came out strong and perfect and he started nursing within the first five minutes of his birth. Not having a preemie coupled with being more sure of myself as a mother made for a calmer and more relaxed couple of days. 10009784_10201749720331677_6555734510821269572_n (640x480)

The highlight of our time at the hospital was when Dylan and Levi got to meet for the first time. (Although…I hope this stare down between the two brothers isn’t some kind of foreshadowing!)

IMG_6708 (640x480)

Roxanne stayed for another week after Levi was born and then my mother came for a week. I can’t say thank you enough to Roxanne for putting up with us for so long and helping us so selflessly.

IMG_6733 (640x480)

IMG_6735 (640x480)

I was so happy to see my mom, too! I’d been really missing her and needed some one on one time.

IMG_6792 (640x480)

Both moms made the transition from one kid to two easier for all of us, especially Dylan.

IMG_6813 (640x480)

I stayed in the house with Dylan for 5 weeks before I ventured out, but Levi didn’t have that luxury. He’s been out and about since the first week. There’s a lot of car nursing going on.

IMG_6863 (640x480)

We spend a lot of time at home too, of course, because we both need it, but three weeks in and I am already doing very brave things like going grocery shopping with both boys by myself. If you have ever been grocery shopping with Dylan before (I’m looking at you, Roxanne and Mom), then you know that that alone is a three person job!

IMG_6820 (640x480)

IMG_6842 (480x640)

IMG_6837 (640x480)

So the report on the baby front is that he is here and he’s doing well. He is thriving, in fact, having already gained 4 pounds in less than three weeks (I seriously have to feed him less). We are still getting used to everything, but its all positive and he is a sweet, sweet baby. Dylan is super in love with him too. Dylan is acting out in some ways, which is to be expected, but he never directs it toward Levi.

IMG_6760 (640x480)

IMG_6728 (640x480)

IMG_6851 (640x480)

I am working through a ton of emotions as my relationship with Dylan changes a little, in that I can no longer give him my undivided attention at all times, but I am doing my best to give him as much of it as I can while also focusing on the fact that he has received a greater gift — a sibling.

IMG_6831 (640x480)

IMG_6861 (640x480)

IMG_6801 (640x480)

I’ll keep you posted as often as possible until I get into a new groove.

IMG_6806 (640x480)

One last thing. So, everyone says Levi is a clone of Jay again. I can see it too…but maybe, just maybe we have a few features in common? Here is my baby picture (left) next to Levi’s. What do you think?!

IMG_6712 (511x640)10154554_10201763505196290_8733979411270054828_n (640x640)

Also…look at this hair!

1902757_10201767756502570_6119173539132196134_n (640x640)IMG_6741 (640x480)

It looks EXACTLY like Dylan’s at birth. I love it!

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NANCY May 2, 2014 at 1:13 pm

I am so excited for all of you


DONNA CUSHING May 2, 2014 at 6:55 pm

What a wonderful beginning for our pecious little Levi! He does look like his big brother! Levi is healthy, beautiful, and beyond perfect in every way! I wish you all the most joyous of times together! I am such a proud grandmother! We are ao blessed!


CAROL May 4, 2014 at 2:46 am

Hi Courtney,
Time has just escaped me! This will be my “welcome to your new son” card! I’m so happy for you and your family! Seeing all your baby pictures tells me you came home with the right baby!!!
He is so cute, Courtney. I LOVE the blonde hair, with just a little wave to it. He seems to be pretty content with his routine!! Must be excited that he seems to be a great sleeper! Knowing you, you will relish this time with both your sons!!


ALANA May 5, 2014 at 9:31 am

I love the pictures! What a special time! We miss you so much and CAN’T WAIT to meet the little guy! Levi is beyond adorable! I think he looks a lot like you when you were little 🙂


BRYSON May 2, 2016 at 2:03 pm

Please keep thnriwog these posts up they help tons.



Wow Anon #1, why the anger? I will have a talk with your president to see if we can get you a raise.That is not right. The holidays are upon us and no one should be getting their pay cut this time of year. Not even an Anon.



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