Scratch, Scratch…Itch, Itch

by Courtney Sirotin on August 22, 2012

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Yesterday was my seventh wedding anniversary. You know, the one that marks the infamous “seven year itch”? Accordingly, Jason and I are supposed to start having wandering eyes. I don’t know about Jay, but he’s safe on my end because I’m too tired for an affair. I might start wandering, but only because I’ve forgotten where I’m going.

Someday we’re going to go away on a nice, long vacation to celebrate our anniversary. We haven’t been on a real vacation together since our honeymoon. Maybe we’ll do something big for our ten year…

Our family has been a little under the weather the past week so we opted for a low-key day yesterday. Dylan’s babysitter, Jess, stayed with Dylan for a few hours while Jay and I went out to dinner.

We started at a wine bar where we sampled a red and a white, both of which were fantastic. I’ll admit, I was a little tipsy when we left.


Dinner was at a Thai restaurant (L’Thai West) that offers predominately organic food. My only request for dinner was to go somewhere that didn’t have chicken fingers on the menu and that need was met. We started with soups:

IMG_4901 (640x480)

And ended with yummy, spicy entrees. I was stuffed…and sober…when we left.

IMG_2557 (640x480)

In honor of our anniversary I’d like to share the top ten things I love about Jason!

IMG_2555 (640x480)

1. I love his confidence. He knows his strengths and believes in himself. When he says he is going to accomplish something, he does. Almost always. (And if he could edit this blog, he’d erase the word “almost”.)

2. I love how earnestly he takes care of his friends and family. There is nothing he would not do for me and Dylan. I know this to be so true that I have to be careful which wishes I say out loud because he will put pressure on himself to grant them.

3. Speaking of friends, I love how people-oriented Jason is. He always answers his phone when it rings and doesn’t even look at the caller ID. He is energized by making connections with people. This trait is so foreign to me, a near recluse, that I envy him for it. I love being around people, too, but it takes much more effort for me to put myself in social situations.

4. I love how unpredictable he is. Every day is an adventure with Jay. I am grateful that I will never have a boring life.

5. I love his brazen sense of humor. It startles me sometimes and makes me cringe, but even when I’m cringing, I’m also laughing.

6. I love how he gets really cuddly when he’s sick.

7. I love his zest for life and new opportunities. He’s always trying something new or taking something familiar to a new level. I swear, one of these days he’s going to hit it big!

8. I love how he supports me but also tries to make me a better person. Sometimes I get caught up in my head and stop moving forward. Alone, I could become stagnant, but Jay shakes me up and gets me through those hard times.

9. I love watching Jay play with Dylan. Because they share so much DNA, Jay knows how to make Dylan laugh better than anyone else in the world. It warms my heart to watch them connect in such a visceral way.

10. I love the way he dances, though I don’t get to see it enough. Dude’s got rhythm!

Bonus! I love the way he looks. Winking smile


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RUSS August 23, 2012 at 12:14 pm

Very Nice……


DONNA CUSHING August 28, 2012 at 4:36 pm

Happy Annuversary a little late! I wish you both much happiness!


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