Slimy Pumpkin Innards

by Courtney Sirotin on October 6, 2012

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I’m kind of feeling Halloween this year! Traditionally, I am not a very festive person. Holidays come and go and all my mantel does is collect dust. My sister, Alana, must have stolen all the decorative genes in utero because her mantel always brimmeth over with holiday cheer, be it cobwebs on Halloween or jingle bells at Christmastime. (She also secured all the mammary glands but I choose to forgive her this because she was not yet sentient when it happened.)

I’m not sure why the pumpkin seed of celebration is growing inside of me this season, but I’m going to embrace it. I’ve pulled out all our Halloween-themed books and have begun reminding Dylan about ghosts, spiders, witches and jack-o’-lanterns. I’m also starting to think about costumes for him now so that I’m not stuck running into Kmart at the last minute and ending up with the last dinky Buzz Lightyear outfit that hasn’t been sold yet. Also on my Halloween bucket list is a trip to a dollar store to pick up decorations. I’m really going to do it this year!


The festivities kicked off today with the purchase of a pumpkin.

IMG_5309 (640x480)

Within minutes of bringing it home I had it’s face drawn on and was ready to scalp it.

IMG_5311 (640x480)

I decided to give it a traditional face because this is Dylan’s first jack-o’-lantern and I think he needs to get used to some traditions before we throw them out the window in the years to come.

Dylan was skeptical at first. He probably thought I was going to try to make him eat it.

IMG_5315 (640x480)

He watched from a safe distance. I wanted him to get his hands in and get messy but he wasn’t game.

IMG_5318 (640x480)

He eventually ventured over when it was done and checked it all out. He liked taking the top off and then figuring out how to get it back on right, like a puzzle.

IMG_5326 (640x480)

And there we go! Allow me to introduce my new friend, Jack!

IMG_5321 (640x480)

Halloween season has begun!

And now, for your Mess of the Day, I offer you my kitchen as of a half hour ago:

IMG_5336 (640x480)

And now:

IMG_5339 (640x480)

I can make a big mess in a short amount of time, sure, but I can pick it up fast too!

Well, looky there! It’s Jack!

IMG_5341 (640x480)

I think Dylan will be excited to see him in the morning. Smile

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RUSS October 6, 2012 at 1:01 pm

LoL Outstanding! Since I can’t post a picture on here, (I’m not worthy) I had to post it on your FaceBook page. It’s what I envision you looking like through the Pumpkin season. Love you, Russ


CAROL GLOSKI October 6, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Great recovery, Courtney!! (The messy kitchen) I love the jack-o-lantern traditional look!! I’m sure Dylan does too, especially when it is lit??!


DONNA October 8, 2012 at 12:36 pm

Happy Halloween, everybody! The jack-o-lantern looks terrific! Dylan is so lucky to have you for a mom! Your house looks nice. I can’t wait to visit! I am looking forward to seeing Dylan in his costume. Happy Haunting!


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