Snapshots While I Rest

by Courtney Sirotin on February 25, 2014

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I’m sitting here watching trashy TV and “putting my feet up” while my parents and Ryder are off on an adventure with Dylan. I have mixed emotions about this because I feel good and want to be with them, but my doctor told me not to exert myself and to get off my feet as much as possible. I’m grateful to have a little time I don’t usually have to relax, but I do feel like I am missing out on some fun. I’m just trying to keep it in perspective; if I were on strict bed rest things would be a lot more extreme and this is all temporary anyway.

While I’m sitting here I’m cleaning photos off my phone so I figured I’d put some of them in a blog post…so here we go.

Here’s a picture from last week. I took Dylan to a nature center holding an event for kids near our house.

He spent some time in the woods but his favorite part was making a bracelet out of Fruit Loops and Cheerios. He was supposed to hang it on a tree for the birds but insisted on wearing/eating it himself.

IMG_6266 (640x480)

Here are a couple cute tub shots:

IMG_6284 (640x480)

IMG_6289 (640x480)

And a picture I got from his preschool. Its Dylan carrying the Torah at last Friday’s Shabbat Sing.

IMG_6292 (640x480)

Fast forward a bit. Jay, Dylan and I found a new restaurant we like near our house! Its always nice to add one to our rotation. Options.

IMG_6298 (640x480)

Blue Moon Pizza uses really high-quality, fresh ingredients and makes everything to order. I got a salad with grilled chicken and a slice of pizza.

IMG_6299 (640x480)

Here’s Dylan at a park having a blast with a couple of dogs and a baby. He hung around this sweet family and played with their dogs for a long time. I wish we could get him a pet but we travel too often. Maybe someday…

IMG_6314 (640x480)

Here’s a video that makes me LOL. When Jay reads to Dylan he always puts his own spin on the stories. For instance, Curious George is an Italian New Yorker. I like to listen to him reading on the monitor for a chuckle. Here’s a glimpse.

And now for a second video! My parents and Ryder arrived a couple days ago and here is a glimpse at the drive home from the airport. Dylan is SO happy they are here!

Yesterday they took Dylan to Atlantic Station while I binge watched Girls. My mom sent me this picture while they were gone:

IMG_6334 (480x640)

That’s about it for now! I’m off to…um…sit here some more.

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KATIE February 25, 2014 at 8:12 pm

you could text your best friend….


DONNA CUSHING February 27, 2014 at 2:17 am

As I read this, Ryder and I are listening to Jay’s dramatic reading of Dylan’s bedtime stories and we are cracking up. He has our attention and we are not even on the same floor. And Dylan sounds like he is enjoying the stories so much. No wonder my reading didn’t hold his attention! Dylan is such a great kid! We are having lots if fun with him. Wish I could give you more of a rest, Courtney. It won’t be long now….


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