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by Courtney Sirotin on June 14, 2013

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We moved to Georgia six years ago and I’m still blown away by how much there is to do with kids in and around Atlanta. We rarely have to repeat a day! Yesterday was a prime example. It was going to be just Dylan and I all day and I had nothing planned for his entertainment, but I wanted to go on a summery adventure. I had a vision involving water and a picnic, but I was also thinking about checking out a new exhibit at the children’s museum. I did a few mental calculations and decided that if I packed our bags right, and parked in the right garage, we could probably do both. And we did. And it was fun. And I want to share!

Before we left the house I dressed Dylan in his bathing suit, SPF shirt and water shoes and slathered him in sunscreen. I also packed a duffle bag with a change of clothes, sunscreen and a towel for Dylan, a cooler bag with lunches for the two of us, lots of cold water and a smaller than usual purse for myself, so that I could walk away from the wagon (which I also brought) when I needed to be mobile and not worry about losing my credit cards.

After a quick stop at Party City to pick up a pirate’s hat for Dylan to wear to school the next day for Pirate Day, we headed into Atlanta. I parked in the World of Coke garage and easily exited on the second level with the wagon packed to the gills and Dylan in tow. (I strapped him in to make sure he wouldn’t pop out around cars.)

IMG_2097 (640x480)

We walked through Centennial Olympic Park and made our first stop the All Children’s Playground. It’s a cool playground with some unique features, like a conveyor belt slide, sway boat and lots of squishy climbing structures.

IMG_2098 (640x480)

Conveyor belt slide:

IMG_2101 (640x480)

Sway boat:

IMG_2103 (640x480)

Squishy climbing structures:

IMG_2108 (640x480)

When Dylan started to get hot I coaxed him back into the wagon with the promise of getting soaked.  We took a short but scenic walk up to the Fountain of Rings Splashpad, which was hoppin’! There were quite a few camp groups at the park and having all the kids around made everything more exciting for Dylan.

IMG_2118 (640x480)

He was one of the smallest kids there, but he held his own.

IMG_2120 (640x480)

At times the water shoots up in unexpected bursts, and that was Dylan’s favorite part. He liked standing over an idle jet and waiting for it to splash him in the face.

IMG_2122 (640x480)

IMG_2126 (640x480)

IMG_2127 (640x480)

His swimsuit is a little large and once it got heavy with water it starting falling down. At one point he was running around in the center of the splash pad with his little butt hanging out and I couldn’t catch him! A sweet girl finally brought him over to me so that I could fix his pants.

IMG_2128 (640x480)

For more places to get soaked in Atlanta, check out the feature article in the June issue of Atlanta Parent Magazine…it must have at least 30 of them!

Dylan got back in the wagon when he was ready for lunch and we walked to the shaded picnic pavilions. I changed Dylan into dry clothes in the public restroom (I pulled the wagon into the restroom and dressed him in he wagon, so it wasn’t too gross. I just wanted him to have some privacy.)

IMG_2129 (640x480)

After an active morning, we were both content to just sit for a few minutes.

IMG_2131 (640x480)

After lunch we moved onto the second part of my plan, which involved being indoors and seeing the new WEEBLES Coast to Coast exhibit at the children’s museum.

IMG_2134 (640x480)

The walk to the museum from the picnic tables was practically nonexistent, it was just a matter of crossing the street.

I love how he rides in a wagon…such a cool dude.

IMG_2132 (640x480)

Note the nice breeze:

IMG_2135 (640x480)

This was only our second time at the museum, but he loved it so much I’m going to make sure we go again soon. I think he’s matured just enough since our last visit that everything was more at his level this time.

IMG_2138 (640x480)

He was proud of himself for milking a cow!

IMG_2139 (640x480)

(If he only knew how good he used to be at it…LOL!)

IMG_2140 (640x480)

My favorite part of the museum is – hands down – the Moon Sand. If you’ve never played with moon sand, you must. Its such a cool compound! I’m pretty sure they sell it at Toy R Us and here’s a link to it on Amazon: Moon Sand.

IMG_2144 (640x480)

There were a bunch of kids getting competitive over collecting as many pretend groceries as they could and Dylan got caught up in the competition. There were tears involved at some points, and I tried to get him to move onto another area of the museum, but here he is with his loot anyway. For his size, it was impressive. His competitors were all at least six.

IMG_2145 (640x480)

The WEEBLES exhibit was pretty cool, but I wish it featured more WEEBLES.

Dylan enjoyed this light board too. He could turn the lights on and off by pushing on the pegs.

IMG_2146 (640x480)

The water table in the toddler area was also a hit.

IMG_2148 (640x480)

We stayed for the afternoon story time and then it was time to go. Dylan hopped back into his wagon (which I  had parked in the stroller area) and we walked about a block back to the car. He was asleep before I made it onto the highway!

IMG_2150 (640x480)

If you’re in the Atlanta area in this summer and need to entertain kids, I highly recommend this outing!

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DONNA CUSHING June 16, 2013 at 12:21 am

Your day sounds and looks like so much fun! Definitely my kind of day! I feel like I spent the day along with you! Thank you for the wonder-filled experience!


CAROL June 16, 2013 at 4:15 am

What a “cool” day!! You are finding the best places in and around the Atlanta Area!! You should be writing your own pieces in the Atlanta Parent Magazine!! Dylan is certainly lucky to have you and Jason as parents!!!!!


LASHAWN July 1, 2013 at 10:51 pm

Hey, visiting your blog from Georigia Social media Mommy’s facebook page! We love everyone of those places too! Especially the children’s museum! I have to get Pookah down to the fountain soon.


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