Syrups, Suppositories and Skin Care

by Courtney Sirotin on April 18, 2013

If you’re wondering where I’ve been this week, I’ll tell ya! Dylan has had a fever since Monday and I’ve been tending to him pretty much nonstop. We went to the doctor and she thinks it’s a virus but If it doesn’t go away by tomorrow morning she wants to see him again. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it breaks today.

I’ve had the “opportunity” to give Dylan lots of medicine this week and have discovered two useful delivery systems that I figured I’d share, in case any of you are trying and failing to get medicine into a strong-willed toddler. I tried all the usual advice (pretend I’m taking it first, bribe him with candy, force it down his throat, etc.,) and none of it worked. So, I’ll tell you what did. And in tangental news, I also found a new beauty product at the drugstore that I LOVE and I’m going to tell you about that too.

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Method #1 For Giving Medicine to a Toddler – Without Tears: Mix it into Hershey’s Syrup!

You simply put the medicine into a shot glass, top the glass off with chocolate syrup, stir it well, pop in a straw and hand it to your child for “dessert” (See above. Note: that picture shows it half gone.). Taste the syrup mixture yourself before you hand it over to your child to make sure you’ve added enough syrup to mask the medicine. Yes, this is unconventional and kind of unhealthy, but if you are desperate to, like I was, it can be awesome too. (Hey, his doctor gave me this tip so don’t judge me alone: judge her too. I asked her if hiding it in chocolate milk would work and she said no, the syrup has a stronger flavor and masks the medicine better than anything else. In my findings, she as right!)

Method #2 For Giving Medicine to a Toddler – Possibly Without Tears: Use a Suppository!

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Ok, so this method isn’t a new discovery and it is a little gross, but I hadn’t heard of it before and it totally worked, so I’m sharing. When I found myself having to give two different medicines to Dylan (an antibiotic and fever reducer), my syrup trick wasn’t going to work; there’s only so much chocolate syrup you can, in good conscience, give your child to drink out of a shot glass. I spoke with a nurse on the phone and told her my dilemma and she suggested getting a children’s fever reducing suppository at the drugstore. So I did. When I go home I just laid Dylan down on the bed like I would if I was changing his diaper and popped it in! He jolted for a second but didn’t cry, and as soon as it was done, he was over it. It was really quite easy and I love that I know he is getting the right dosage. This method has been working for us every 4-6 hours since Monday, so its proven to be effective.

Another benefit of the suppository is that it works faster than oral medicine. And here’s a tip from the nurse: store it in the refrigerator to make sure it doesn’t melt. Some house are a little too warm for suppositories, which are designed to dissolve in heat.

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One of my many trips to the drugstore this week had me killing time in the make-up section. I was out of my usual BB “age defense” foundation from Clinque and figured I’d pick up a cheap one to hold me over until I could replace it. The Clinque foundation has SPF and everything I like in it, but I have to mix it with lotion to thin it out or else it looks too cakey. The drugstore product I picked up was Mabelline’s Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Protector with Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen (SPF 30) in the medium shade. I just love this stuff! Its thin enough to smooth right on, blends right in and totally Photoshops your face. Its really quite remarkable how much it evens out your skin tone. It works so much better than the Clinque one! I also love that it has a Titanium Dioxide sunscreen as that one, along with Zinc Oxide, are the best for your skin. They are physically barriers to the sun and stay on top of your skin, unlike all the chemical sunscreens that absorb right in.

So there you have it: Syrup, Suppositories and Skin care! Hope some of this is helpful. I’m off to snuggle with my little furnace. Sad smile Send him healing thoughts, please!

P.S. Here’s your mess of the day…Dylan helped me make rice:

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(At least he’s trying to clean it up!)

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DONNA CUSHING April 21, 2013 at 12:51 pm

I hope Dylan is feeling better! I am thinking of you and sending loving and prayerful thoughts your way. Give Dylan a hug from Mimi. I like the Hershey syrup idea!


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