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by Courtney Sirotin on March 14, 2012

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I am holding vigil waiting for this darn flu to hit Dylan and me! I just found out that my poor nephew, Ryder, got sick this morning (he is feeling so bad its beyond words Sad smile) and it just so happens Dylan and I took a nap in his bed yesterday. I can almost guarantee you that it will hit one or both of us on the flight home next week! I have no hopes of dodging it but I just hope it hits before we have to travel.

Today was exhausting for no good reason. I didn’t work out so I should’ve had extra energy but it doesn’t always translate like that. There was a contractor working in the house this morning so I had to take Dylan out (I can’t leave the baby gate up when the contractors are here so its just easier to leave). I took him shopping and picked up two more shirts:

IMG_2584 (640x480)

I also got these yesterday but I’m not sure how I feel about them yet:

IMG_2589 (640x480)

It must seem like I shop for clothes a lot but this is unusual. I do tend to shop more when I’m visiting home because it’s easier when I have people with me to help watch Dylan. I׳m also making an extra effort this trip to find a few things for my upcoming trip to LA.

I’m getting a little worried that I am turning into one of those women who get stuck, fashionably, in a certain decade. I still see a lot of women in this town with big bangs and perms and its probably because they had hair like that in high school, when they were happy and popular, so they stick with what’s safe and makes them feel pretty. In my case, I’m worried I might be stuck at the turn of the millennium. I see all these fashion trends coming and going but I rarely jump on the bandwagon. Maybe I’m just boring. I need a pair of skinny jeans stat!

Moving on…

I took Dylan to an indoor playground today and there was this creepy doll there:

IMG_2616 (640x480)

I’ve been to a number of indoor playground in Georgia and New Hampshire and I’ve decided they make me a little uncomfortable.

IMG_2638 (640x480)

Dylan enjoys them so I will continue to go…

IMG_2634 (640x480)

…but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the ragged old dolls lying around everywhere. Dylan doesn’t care for them either. He tossed this one out of her stroller and kept a skeptical eye on her:

IMG_2618 (640x480)IMG_2627 (640x480)IMG_2617 (640x480)IMG_2622 (640x480)

My favorite part was the climbing gym:

IMG_2598 (640x480)

It was cool because it had a lot of hidden pathways that we explored together:

IMG_2602 (640x480)

I have more pictures from the rest of my day, but honestly, I can’t concentrate on this post! All I can think about is getting sick. My mom keeps telling me to think positive but I might be too cynical for that. I’m watching Dylan’s monitor like a hawk and he just started coughing in his sleep which is also how he tends to throw up…with a big cough. Also, the chocolate chips I ate when I started this post seem like a bad idea now. I can’t tell if I’m queasy or just ate too much.

If we make it through the night, Dylan and I are supposed to have breakfast with my friend Beth and her daughter, but I’m not sure she’ll want to if she reads this post! I’m going to go text her and give her an out and then I’m going to stare at the wall and work on my optimism. Peace.

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