Weekend Recap: Allergies and Letters

by Courtney Sirotin on May 20, 2013

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We had a nice weekend, despite allergy season striking our house hard. Jason and Dylan share a lot of physical characteristics, including allergies. Both of my boys are suffering right now. Sad smile


Jason’s companies have been moving office locations all week and Saturday was one of their big moving days. Dylan and I stopped by the new space late in the morning to “help”.

IMG_1557 (640x480)

Dylan kept himself very busy and made sure to touch all the tools.

IMG_1564 (480x640)

IMG_1561 (640x480)

I “helped” by following Dylan around and preventing injuries.

IMG_1567 (640x480)

When our work there was done, Dylan and I got smoothies and headed back home to attend a birthday party for a little boy in our neighborhood. I tricked Dylan and got him to drink a smoothie with a banana in it. If you know him and know how hard it is for me to get him to eat fruit, you know how happy this trickery made me.

IMG_1578 (640x480)

Dylan had fun at his friend Brody’s party!

IMG_1580 (640x480)

The party had a Cars theme, which made it the coolest thing ever for Dylan.

IMG_1593 (640x480)

Everything was great until Dylan got dog poop all over his pants. I had to take them off him (obviously) but didn’t have an extra pair with me. He played without pants for a few minutes and then I decided it was time to go home. Dylan didn’t seem to mind being pantsless, but it made me feel awkward!

IMG_1600 (640x480)

Jason and I had a date in the evening. One of the movies he produced, A Free Bird, had a benefit screening at a theater nearby. We met up with some friends for a quick bite to eat before the show. Notice the box of tissues in my hand? Jason carries a box wherever he goes these days. His nose is a perpetually leaky faucet.

IMG_1643 (640x480)

IMG_1648 (640x480)

Here’s an awkward picture of me…I wanted to show off my ticket and pose under the movie sign at the same time, so I sort of did this weird arm-stretchy thing…

IMG_1644 (640x480)

Anyway, we bumped into the movie’s writer/director when we walked into the theater and he asked Jay to say a few words before the movie played. Jay did a nice job talking despite his leaking nose. (Also despite the couple of drinks he had with his dinner. Winking smile)

IMG_1603 (640x480)

I think it’s a testament to how much I like the movie that I was able to enjoy watching it for a second time. I generally can’t stand watching movies multiple times, but this one has legs.


We enjoyed a mellow morning at home and then set out on some errands around noon. Jason needed to get some picture hanging supplies at an arts and crafts store. Turns out crafts stores are also letter goldmines. You guys know that Dylan is obsessed with letters, right? I’m sure I’ve mentioned it. He loves them. He likes sounding them out and (sort of) building words, but mostly he just likes holding them and pretending their his friends. Its sweet and also a little sad to watch. But anyway, he was psyched to find the letter aisle.

IMG_1650 (640x480)

Dylan’s version of heaven:


We grabbed lunch at Genki.  Dylan doesn’t like Japanese food (surprise, surprise), so we got him a meal to go from a healthy fast-food restaurant next door called Evos. (I’ll have to do a post about that place sometime because I really like it, too!)

IMG_1612 (640x480)IMG_1611 (640x480)

Dylan brought his letters to the restaurant and Jason brought his tissues.

IMG_1617 (640x480)IMG_1619 (640x480)

Dylan enjoys playing “peekaboo” by himself…


I always get the same thing at Genki. The Japanese BBQ Chicken is so good, I can’t get passed it.

IMG_1623 (640x480)

Now that I think about it, Jay always gets the same meal there too. He opts for the fried spinach, portabella mushroom and ribs.

IMG_1622 (640x480)

And Dylan had his bowl of letters, of course:


There was an arcade near the restaurant, so we popped in after we ate. The highlights for me were this massive Connect 4 game…

IMG_1626 (640x480)

…and winning a boatload of tickets. We kept striking it rich on this one game where you spin a wheel and land on a number of tickets. If only we had some of the same luck Saturday night during the big Powerball drawing…

IMG_1631 (640x480)

Dylan didn’t know what to make of the ticket jackpot, but he enjoyed picking out a ton of silly little toys with them before we left the arcade.

We made a final stop at Target so that Jay could get a lamp for his new office. Dylan browsed around but didn’t get anything. Between the craft letters and arcade toys, he’d collected enough loot from the day.

IMG_1636 (640x480)

We all went back home and then I ran out to the grocery store by myself. When I got back, Jay had to leave to take care of a couple of work-related things. Dylan and I ate dinner and played with letters until it was time for him to go to bed.

IMG_1640 (640x480)

And that’s that. Smile

I hope you all had nice weekend too!

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DONNA CUSHING May 21, 2013 at 4:08 pm

Sounds like you had a nice weekend! Congrats on the smoothie trick. I read you can peel bananas and freeze them and then use them in smoothies( Chew trick) hope the allergy reaction is lessening. Other than the allergies it looks like you are all enjoying yourselves in Georgia! I’ve got to see Jay’s movie. Congrats to him on that accomplishment!


WWW.THEBELLAROSECAFE.COM February 18, 2014 at 11:24 am

I was really confused, and this answered all my questions.


NEXTTIMEPOLICY.COM March 7, 2014 at 2:13 pm

At last! Something clear I can understand. Thanks!


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