Weekend Recap: Apetastic

by Courtney Sirotin on September 9, 2013

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I’m so happy to report that we are all back to normal around here! We were going to have a birthday party for Dylan at our house this weekend but I cancelled it earlier in the week when we were all sick. We ended up without much planned, but we had a good time.


My friend Katie sent Dylan this adorable/badass shark t-shirt as a souvenir from her recent vacation. He looks awesome in it and kept saying, “Yikes!” we he looked down at the sharks. Thanks, Katie Smile

IMG_3565 (480x640)

We spent the morning at home then went out for the afternoon. We grabbed lunch at Marietta Diner.

IMG_3569 (640x480)

It’s a great place because they have a huge menu and we can all find something we like.

IMG_3568 (640x480)

IMG_3570 (640x480)

Jay got this stuffed chicken dish:

IMG_3573 (640x480)

I had matzo ball soup and this wrap:

IMG_3575 (640x480)

Dylan got boring ‘ol chicken and french fries.

IMG_6917 (640x480)

We had to run to Jay’s office to pick something up after lunch. Hanging out at his dad’s work is one of Dylan’s favorite activities. The experience was heightened this visit by the discovery of chocolate cake in the break room.

IMG_3577 (640x480)

Dylan has a whole series of things he likes to do there and he runs through them in rapid succession. Here he is forming letters out of marbles:

IMG_3580 (640x480)

We also like to sit in Jay’s office and watch all the latest video projects he’s worked on. This time we also watched a bunch of videos on my YouTube channel. I guess this is a modern way of watching home videos.

IMG_6920 (640x480)

Dylan loved watching videos of him with his cousins in New Hampshire.

IMG_6926 (640x480)

Dylan kept asking to go to a birthday party after we left Jay’s office. Since he was supposed to have one of his own that day, Jay and I felt kind of bad for him so we took him to Brunswick ‘s, a bowling center, in Marietta where there were a bunch of birthday parties taking place. We got Dylan some treats and made it feel as festive as we could.

IMG_6931 (640x480)

Dylan loves bowling. He dances around the whole time. Here he is using the ramp and bumpers:

We hit up the arcade there also. Jay’s arcade faces are funny…

IMG_3583 (640x480)

IMG_3587 (640x480)

Our last activity was running to Whole Foods where we stocked up on chips and fruit.

IMG_3589 (640x480)

Seriously. Check out all these chips! See, Whole Foods is one the stores I really can’t go into with Dylan by myself because he wants to run wild and flips out if I try to keep him in a cart. Therefore, every so often I drag Jay with me to get some of the things I can’t buy at regular grocery stores. On this particular visit, I stocked up on my favorite chips because they were having a good sale.

IMG_3590 (640x480)

Two things Dylan loves are:

1) Laying in a pile of pillows (naked, in this instance)…

IMG_6935 (480x640)

2) Jay talking in Elmo’s voice (which Jay does surprisingly well!):



Dylan and I played with his dollhouse for quite a while this morning.

IMG_3595 (640x480)

He cracks me up because he is majorly obsessed with tools right now and goes back and forth between using them functionally to pretend to build or fix things and treating them like dolls. He is very considerate of his tools and brings them everywhere he goes. Here he is giving his mini drill a cup of tea:

IMG_3600 (640x480)

IMG_3601 (640x480)

And here his pliers are getting a bath:

IMG_3602 (640x480)

Dylan and I ate a breakfast together too! This is mine…I wish it was his. His breakfast usually consists of bacon or sausage and cereal.

IMG_3604 (640x480)

We couldn’t think of anything we really wanted to do today so we went to Zoo Atlanta. We have passes and Dylan always has fun there so it’s a great option when nothing else pops up. It was fun but too hot.

IMG_3610 (640x480)

Dylan insisted on bringing his toolbox to the zoo and carried it everywhere. Periodically, he would take out his measuring tape and measure various gates and posts. Meanwhile, Jay harassed the animals and pimped out his Hydration Station app!

Last but not least, here’s a cool video of a gorilla munching on grass. My favorite animals to see at the Zoo are always the chimps and gorillas. They are strong and massive but also so similar to us with familiar mannerisms.

I guess that’s about it! Hope you all are feeling healthy and had great weekend too!

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DONNA CUSHING September 9, 2013 at 7:27 pm

I loved the pictures of the Marietta diner! I wish I could go there right now. It does appear that you are all healthy again. Hurray! It looks like Dylan had a great day on his would be party day!i miss you all!


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