Weekend Recap: Artistic Expressions

by Courtney Sirotin on March 18, 2013

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I had ample opportunities for artistic expression this weekend, and now, as I look back upon it, I feel creatively satisfied.

Jason and I had a date planned Saturday afternoon so we made sure to get out to a park with Dylan in the morning so that we could have some time in the fresh air as a family.

IMG_5099 (640x480)

The park we went to is on the grounds of a local school so there were school buses parked there for the weekend. Dylan was in heaven. (He loves buses!)

IMG_5101 (640x480)

Back to that date. It was one of my favorite dates ever! For a long time now I have wanted to go to one of those wine and paint parties at an art studio. Jason was onboard for this weekend but when we looked at what was available near us, we weren’t that psyched. Also, we agreed that painting with strangers might be a little awkward. We decided that for the same price as a class we could purchase the art supplies we’d need to make paintings and have our own art and wine party!

We brought our supplies to Jay’s office and set up in the warehouse part of the building. The weather was amazing so we lifted the garage doors and let the fresh air in. We poured drinks, played music and got to work!

IMG_0478 (640x480)

Jay and I didn’t discuss what we were going to paint ahead of time. Right out of the gate we already had very different styles. Jay’s first strokes were colorful stairs:

IMG_0479 (640x480)

And mine was a simple blue background:

IMG_0480 (640x480)

A couple of hours…and drinks…later…

IMG_5114 (480x640)

We had art!

IMG_0481 (640x480)

Ha! I think our finished pieces pretty accurately reflect our brain situations. This is so Jay’s brain; busy and complicated:

IMG_5110 (640x480)

And mine is half tidy/half confusing:

IMG_0483 (640x480)

(Bonus points if you can figure out where I drew my inspiration for the bird!)

Dylan was in a great mood when we got home. He’d spent most of the afternoon outside with his babysitter, Jess, and was all smiles. We needed groceries so we went to the store as a family and then came home and wrapped up the evening.


Sunday started with Dylan’s artistic expression all over the wall:

IMG_5119 (640x480)

We spent the morning and early afternoon at home eating, relaxing, cleaning, working, reading books, playing with cars, etc.

IMG_0491 (640x480)

One thing Dylan really enjoyed this morning was eating popcorn and watching his favorite movie in bed. I love watching him experience quintessential simple pleasures for the very first time. Movies + Popcorn + A Comfy Bed = Pleasure. Always.


I dragged Jay to the Atlanta Fair in the afternoon. (Dylan didn’t need persuading.) I have a hard time turning down a fair. If nothing else, I love watching all the people.

IMG_5124 (640x480)

Exhibit A:

Dylan really enjoyed the rides today. He started on the Merry Go Round.

And then went on a kids’ roller coaster with Jay, twice.

IMG_0499 (640x480)

I took him on the Ferris Wheel.

IMG_5136 (640x480)

And then he wanted to go on a ride by himself! I was a little skeptical. I figured he’d start to climb out while it was running, but I was wrong. (Thank goodness!)

IMG_5157 (640x640)

Dylan’s first solo ride!

We went home after the fair, brought Dylan to play at the park across the street with our neighbors’ son, and then came back home to relax for the rest of the day.

Dylan ate an entire cup full of ice while watching a cartoon!


We also enjoyed our last artistic expressions of the weekend. I pulled out a bunch of art supplies and we just messed around with them for quite awhile. Jay finger-painted, Dylan played with letter stickers and I made a female spoon person.

IMG_5162 (640x480)

She’s cute, right?

IMG_5165 (640x480)

She’s got moves too! Dancing spoon:

One more expression, because I can’t help myself:

IMG_5168 (640x480)IMG_5121 (640x480)

Sexy, right? Winking smile

The next time I post I will be in New Hampshire with Dylan for another visit with my family! I hope y’all had excellent weekends and that your Mondays are great too!

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KENDY March 18, 2013 at 5:55 am

Use magic erasers by Mr clean, for all that art on the wall.


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