Weekend Recap: At The In-Laws!

by Courtney Sirotin on October 22, 2012

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This will be a longer Weekend Recap, beginning even before the weekend, because I’ve been traveling this week and have been off my usual posting schedule. I owe you guys a hefty post!

I’m writing to you today, Sunday, from Indianapolis, Indiana at my in-laws’ house!

Meet Russ and Roxanne!



Thursday was a travel day. We took a plane, which turned what would have been an eight hour drive into a one and a half our plane ride. This was definitely the way to go with a toddler! It was an easy travel day for me, as well, because Jason was with us which meant navigating the airport with Dylan was a (relative) breeze!

Here’s a cute picture Jay took of Dylan resting his hand on Jay’s leg on the plane. I love those chubby little digits! (I love the leg they’re on too!)


When we arrived at R & R’s house we took Dylan to a small playground in the neighborhood.

IMG_5468 (640x480)

We also went out for a late lunch (not pictured) and a trip to the grocery store to stock up on staples for the week. Jay was not pleased with me when the grocery bill came to two hundred dollars. Sad smile As we were loading the car with groceries I felt guilty about how much we spent so I set aside some things that were extras, that we didn’t really need, and went back into the store to return them. My effort yielded a paltry $21.15 return. Oh well. The good news is, it’s Sunday now and I can report that we have already used most of what we bought on Thursday, and since we are staying until Tuesday, maybe it will all come out in the wash.


Dylan is having fun playing with his grammy! Foxy Roxy (as I like to call her in my head) is a whiz with kids and has made Dylan feel very comfortable. She’s actually a nanny for three year-old twins right now so she’s well-versed in toddler play.


Dylan, making himself at home…in the fridge.


One reason we’re in town this week, aside from visiting family, is to attend Jay’s BFF, Brian’s, wedding. Friday morning we popped by the mall to find Dylan a shirt to wear to the nuptials. While we were there his grammy got him a teapot. Teapots are a SURE way to Dylan’s heart. What’s funny is that his other grammy, my mom, got him the exact same teapot when he visited her!

Do you think this boy likes teapots or what? We had to open it at the cashier’s counter. He was practically panting for it!

(A real time aside: As I write this, I’m sitting with Roxanne and we’re talking.  She just started apologizing to me for distracting me while I write and I assured her I’m not easily distracted. Then she asked, “Are you writing, ‘My mother-in-law is bothering me right now.’?” And I said, “No, of course not!” And then she said, “Instead of calling us The In-Laws you should call us The Out-Laws.” Ha! And then she suggested I put that exchange on the blog. Bam! Done!)

Dylan also went for a train ride around the mall with his daddy, who, by the way, he has started calling “Daddy” instead of “Dada” sometimes!

IMG_5474 (640x480)

Dylan is very attached to me right now and was sad when the train took off and I wasn’t onboard. Roxanne and I had to walk alongside it to keep him happy while it chugged along. Dylan is going to be starting preschool on two half-day’s a week when we get back and I am getting pretty anxious about how that is going to go.

We attended Brian’s rehearsal dinner Friday night. The wedding was held in a cool, rustic, barn-like building on the grounds of a big state park. While Jay learned his part in the wedding, I entertained Dylan. It wasn’t easy keeping his attention; there were too many temptations for my mischievous little boy:

When I could no longer contain Dylan within four walls, I took him outside to run around. It was twilight and we ran through the deserted park together. It was one of those special, kind of surreal moments in life that you have to treasure when they happen. We even stumbled upon a herd of deer in a field!

IMG_5500 (640x480)

Here’s Jay back at the barn and standing as a groomsman:

IMG_5514 (640x480)

My little pickle:

IMG_5518 (640x480)

Funny story: See the very colorful cake at the end of the table in the following picture? Dylan saw it and got SO EXCITED to eat it. He snuck away and swiped a finger in the frosting at one point and we had to literally hold him back from tearing it apart. As I was in line to fill a dinner plate for Dylan I asked Brian if I could cut into the colorful cake (it hadn’t been sliced yet) or if it was being saved for a reason. Brian said it was indeed being saved…so I couldn’t give it to Dylan. Oh gosh! Dylan about lost it! Brian was like, “So he doesn’t eat cake, what’s the big deal? What’s the worst that can happen?” Well, I don’t think Brian knows Dylan that well yet… Winking smile We totally had to leave early because Dylan started thrashing when he realized the cake was officially off limits. Brian, if you’re reading this, some day when you have a kid I am so going to remind you about the day your downplayed the power of frosting in the life of a two year-old! (All that is said with love, BTW. For reals. Brian is the best! Except when he teases kids with unattainable cake. No, no, I kid!)

IMG_5524 (640x480)

(I know what you are thinking. He didn’t want the white or chocolate cakes and could not be convinced they were reasonable substitutes.)


We had to leave the house super early Saturday morning (out the door by 7:45 am). Jay had to be at the venue at 9am for pictures but the wedding didn’t actually start until after noon, so the plan was for Dylan and I to drop Jay off at the wedding and then take the car and kill time, arriving back at the venue just in time to get dressed.

I did my hair before we left, though, and want to share a new hair tip! If you ever find yourself without a hand mirror and you want to see the back for your head, you can use the reversible camera function on your iPhone like this!

IMG_5527 (640x480)

After leaving Jason off, Dylan and I went to Panera for breakfast.

IMG_5530 (640x480)

And then ran into Kohls where Dylan picked up a special toy for entertainment him during the wedding.

IMG_5533 (640x480)

I did my makeup in the Kohls parking lot. Check it out, along with Dylan’s awesome pink car seat!

IMG_5532 (640x480)

I went a little heavy on the blush because it usually wears off of me quickly.

We made it back to the wedding with time to spare. I got Dylan dressed in a corner while he played with his new toy and then I slipped into the bathroom to get myself dressed while Jay watched Dylan.

IMG_5534 (640x480)

All duded up!

IMG_5540 (640x480)

Family portrait attempt #1

IMG_5549 (480x640)

And #2:

IMG_5551 (640x480)

Yep, that’s about accurate.

(In fairness, he only fought the pictures because he wanted to be left alone to play with his new bus.)

Check out this suit jacket! It used to be Dylan’s cousin, Ryder’s, jacket and is nearly a decade old. Still adorable, though!

I took Dylan outside during the actual fifteen minute ceremony because I didn’t want him to be wiggly and distract from the special moment.

IMG_5565 (640x480)

He ran all around and jumped off this curb many, many times:

IMG_5557 (640x480)IMG_5558 (640x480)

And then we jumped off the curb many, many times together.

IMG_5564 (640x480)

I now pronounce you Mother and Son!

IMG_5568 (640x480)

By the time the ceremony was over Dylan had covered his pants in dirt and spilled orange juice all down his new shirt and white undershirt.

IMG_5570 (640x480)

I threw a spare t-shirt on him under his suit coat and then we joined the other guests to congratulate the happy couple!

IMG_5575 (640x480)

The wedding was so beautiful! The bride, Heather, made everything herself…from the table linens and napkins to growing all the flowers. It was very country-chic and I loved it! (So sorry I don’t have any pictures!)

Dylan was getting very tired and cranky from the delaying of his nap so by the time we got to our table we were on borrowed time and ultimately had to leave early…before cake. Sad smile

IMG_5589 (640x480)

He fell asleep the second we got in the car!

IMG_5595 (640x480)

We were spent by the time we got home. Russ kindly offered to make us all dinner so that we didn’t have to go out again.


I did sneak out to grab a Starbucks but realized I forgot my money once I got there. I felt like this:

IMG_5596 (640x480)

Sad girl. Sad smile

I’ll close out Saturday with this video of Dylan hiding in the dryer (don’t worry, we don’t let this happen regularly):


The weather was lovely this morning so I convinced Jay that we should go for a walk.

IMG_5598 (640x480)

We hung around the house until Dylan’s nap and then headed back on the road to visit Jason’s grandfather in the afternoon. We stopped for lunch on the way.


And, okay, for some ice cream too.

IMG_5603 (640x480)

Roxanne’s dad, Roger Lillie, lives in a town called Cicero. This was Dylan’s first time meeting his great grandfather! Three generations of Lillie boys!

IMG_5614 (640x480)

Another shot…because these are special memories!

IMG_5615 (640x480)

Here’s Jay enjoying the view from his grandfather’s porch that he remembers from his childhood.

IMG_5622 (640x480)

Dylan, making new memories:

IMG_5627 (640x480)

I kept Dylan entertained exploring a ton of cool knickknacks while Jay chatted with his mom, grandfather and uncle, Ryan.

Jason requested an adult beverage because he has memories of watching his grandfather enjoy drinks in his living room and wanted to see what it was like to have his own there as a grownup!

IMG_5629 (640x480)

How was it, Jay?

IMG_5631 (640x480)

It was a nice visit for everyone and Dylan seemed to sense his connection to everyone in the room. I always love when he can spend time with his family!

IMG_5632 (640x480)

That said, I think Dylan was perhaps most smitten with this goose on the front steps. Ryan said that his mother, Dylan’s great grandmother, used to dress it in dresses and bonnets when she was alive. Maybe Dylan sensed her spirit there. Smile

IMG_5642 (640x480)

I sat in the backseat with Dylan on the way home and we had fun singing songs and playing with our fingers. It was another day filled with new faces and fun and Dylan fell asleep almost instantly again!

We might be going to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis tomorrow! Its supposed to be extraordinary so I’m hoping for another day of easy naps and bedtimes! Smile

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CAROL GLOSKI October 23, 2012 at 10:49 pm

This trip sounded AWESOME for all!! So glad that Dylan gets to meet his paternal grandparents and become so comfortable with them! He looks like he was ‘right at home’!!


RUSS October 26, 2012 at 10:32 pm

You need to post the picture of DW sitting in one of my Antique crocks. YES I thought it was funny.
Love You, Russ


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