Weekend Recap: Big Boy Things

by Courtney Sirotin on July 1, 2013

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I was aware over and over again this weekend that Dylan is growing up. The range of activities he’s able to participate in and enjoy is growing quickly. We went to the movies and bowling with him this weekend and he acted totally appropriate in both situations. Who took my spasmodic little toddler and gave me this agreeable and, dare I say it, reasonable little kid?

(All that said, he did poop on the kitchen floor this evening, so…)


We had a pool date Saturday morning with our friends and their daughter. It was a nice way to start the day and I liked getting our pool time in early. Sometimes after I shower and do my hair and makeup the pool loses its luster, so this was a good deal. Men have it so easy when it comes to swimming (and a handful of other things).

IMG_2294 (640x480)

After that we met our friend Savvy at the movies to see Monsters University. It was Dylan’s first time at a feature film and he loved it. (Despite how it appears in this photo.)

IMG_2295 (640x480)

Dylan sat between Savvy and Jay for his first film which I thought was really cool because Savvy is a movie director and Jason is an executive producer. Not too shabby for a three year old!

The rest of the day was either spent at home or running from the police in a high-speed car chase. I forgot to take pictures so I can’t really remember, but I think it was one of those two things.


Another typical morning at home. This rendition featured Play-doh.

IMG_6035 (640x480)

Jay was overwhelmed with work today so I took Dylan across the street to the park to give Jay a little time to work. I like being at the park early, before the sun gets hot. (I guess I like doing a lot of things early.)

The geese were roaming around eating their breakfast.

IMG_2307 (640x480)

Dylan mostly wanted to swing, which I was very happy about because the ground was covered in goose poop. That dang goose poop ruins the park for me because I am hypervigilant about keeping Dylan away from it. I fear all sorts of bird diseases.

IMG_2312 (640x480)

Eventually he wanted to use the slide, which was fine, but then he wanted to lay on the ground on top of goose poop, which was not fine, so we had to go home.

IMG_2314 (640x480)

Dylan is showing more interest in cars and sports these days. Perhaps that’s another big boy thing developing. He and Jason lined a bunch of cars up for a race…

IMG_6038 (640x480)

Dylan was very proud of his collection.

IMG_2317 (640x480)

Looks like a parking lot to me.

IMG_6043 (640x480)

Around lunchtime we set off on our adventure for the day. Today it was bowling! It was Dylan’s first time and I wasn’t sure if it would go well and he’d be willing to follow the rules (keep to one lane, don’t run down the lane, take turns), or if he’d be throwing fits and thrashing when he couldn’t go everywhere he wanted.

Spoiler alert: It went great! I think that’s in part thanks to where we bowled.

IMG_6063 (640x480)

Brunswick’s in Marietta was recently renovated and its super nice inside! Its mellow, classy and has great food, which are three things I never thought I’d say about a bowling alley.

IMG_6060 (640x480)

Dylan enjoyed picking out his own ball but ended up only wanting to use his dad’s.

IMG_6049 (640x480)

Here’s a funny video of Dylan wiping out on the lane. This was the one and only time he tried to run down it and I think whatever substance they put on the lanes to make them slippery is also an excellent deterrent for kids.

We ordered lunch and ate while we played. The food was really good. I forgot to take pictures of our meals until they were half finished. Jay took pictures at that point but I’m not going to include them because half eaten food is really gross to look at.

Anyway, Dylan CREAMED us (with the help of a ramp and bumpers, but still). Here he is in action:

He loved bowling so much that he gave each of the balls a hug when it was time to leave.

IMG_6053 (640x480)

I don’t want to paint everything with rainbows and sunshine, because we also experienced a major tantrum at a quick stop into a computer store on the way home. Dylan wanted to play with every computer on display, which I couldn’t allow, and then he wanted to explore the whole store, but we were ready to go. The only thing that could appease him was a bag of M&Ms in the checkout line, which I managed to trade him for a bag of chips (not sure if chips are any better, but I tend to think they are). He was content eating chips for exactly thirty seconds and then he cut his throat on a shard of one and started screaming at the top of his lungs. I then had to carrying him out of the checkout line to grab a bottle of water for his throat and then get back in line to pay for everything while he was thrashing and crying in my arms. So yeah, not all rainbows and sunshine.

Jay had to go to work this afternoon so it was just Dylan and me at home. Not much to report there…except the hour or so we spent outside. Dylan always enjoys playing with water balloons. He likes to throw them and get soaked, as you would expect, but he also likes making them in different sizes and creating balloon families. Here are two green babies, a purple mom and a yellow dad. He makes them kiss and hug and its so adorable.

IMG_2320 (640x480)

That about sums up our weekend! I forgot to mentioned that Jay and I went to a fun party at his office on Friday night. Wish I had pictures!

Dylan and I are a few weeks away from a trip to New Hampshire to see my family and I am so looking forward to it. It won’t quite feel like summer until we get there. I think Dylan is excited too because every time we get in the car he says, “Drive airplane? Love airplane.” Then I say, “Do you want to go see grammy and grandpa in New Hampshire?” and he screams, “Yes!”

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CAROL GLOSKI July 1, 2013 at 10:11 pm

The bowling is ‘right up my alley’!!!! Looked like fun!


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