Weekend Recap: Celebrating Birthdays

by Courtney Sirotin on November 5, 2013

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I try to time my trips to New Hampshire with family members’ birthdays and this visit was no exception. This weekend we got to celebrate Julia and Kelly’s birthdays.


Saturday afternoon was Julia’s third birthday party but we had some preparations to tackle in the morning. Dylan and I tagged along with my mom as she picked up cupcakes and balloons for the party. Since the cupcakes were in Portsmouth we made a morning of it and got breakfast out, took Dylan to a park and then walked around the shops for awhile picking out some things for Kelly’s birthday party on Sunday.

IMG_4488 (640x480)

IMG_4497 (640x480)

Dylan enjoyed the see-saw the most and I got this cute video of his delight!

The birthday girl!

IMG_4547 (640x480)

It was a Doc McStuffins themed party so the kids took stuffed animals into a clinic for exams and played pin the Band-Aid on Lambie. They all had a blast!

Dylan got dressed in his finest:

IMG_4524 (480x640)

And enjoyed playing with this “drill”:

IMG_4517 (640x480)

Ryder and my mom sharing a secret joke:

IMG_4507 (640x480)IMG_4509 (640x480)IMG_4511 (640x480)

Grammy Rose:

IMG_4514 (640x480)

Kelly and I snuck off to a bathroom where she gave me my second progesterone shot. She is getting very good at it! She will have to give me two or three more in December on my next visit, so I’m glad we’ve got a system in place.

There was a minor snafu when we realized the candles were missing so my mom ran to the store while Ryder entertained the waiting children:

The kids were very patient waiting and I think it made the moment of singing Happy Birthday to Julia that much more exciting!

IMG_4542 (640x480)

Parker hates things like ice cream and cake (crazy!) and was very worried he would be forced to eat a cupcake. He was relieved to get some gummies instead.

IMG_4548 (640x480)

I enjoyed one for him:

IMG_4553 (640x480)

Dylan and I stopped by Kelly’s house after the party and the boys played a bit longer and then we eventually made our way back to my parents’ house and crashed.


Sunday morning kicked off with some snuggles. My mom and Dylan have matching bedhead.

IMG_4555 (640x480)

We headed back over to Kelly’s house around 9am. I snuck in a lovely (and cold!) walk before we left, which was a great way to start the day.

Kelly tells me that this is how the boys wake up every morning…sitting together on this chair sharing breakfast. SO cute!

IMG_4558 (640x480)

(Side note: As I am writing this I am feeling the baby move for the first time (17 weeks)! I’ve been feeling flutters but these are the first big movements that feel like actual somersaults!)

My mom watched Trevor and Dylan while Kelly ran to the grocery store with Parker and I ran to Wal-Mart by myself to buy some plane toys for Dylan. I can’t buy them when he is with me because they need to be surprises for the plane. I wrap the plane toys like presents and dole them out throughout trip to keep him busy. Do you think they will let me through security with a real socket wrench set? …Cause that’s one of the toys I picked out.

We all went out to a chaotic lunch after that and then headed to the mall to give Kelly a chance to look around. My mom and I volleyed the kids while Kelly was shopping!

Dylan wanted to hold Kelly’s hand in the mall. He has been very affectionate with all his family members on this visit. He’s really grasped the concept that we are all related and part of a big team and he loves it.

IMG_4561 (480x640)

The mall rides for kids always prove to be a good distraction for awhile.

Trevor and Dylan:

IMG_4563 (640x480)

Parker peeking out:

IMG_4598 (640x480)

IMG_4601 (480x640)

They also had fun playing on the big octopus play structure outside of Macy’s.

IMG_4602 (640x480)

Both of my sisters and their families met up at my parents’ house after that to celebrate Kelly’s birthday (and watch football).

Grammy Rose and Trevor reading a book together:

IMG_4607 (640x480)

The kids were majorly pumped up all night and barely sat still for a second. There were a lot of laughs and an equal number of tears as they bumped around all over each other. Dylan was the catalyst of most of the tears as he loves to tackle-hug his cousins but everyone rebounded quickly!

A couple rare moments of calm:

IMG_4611 (640x478)

The birthday girl!

IMG_4616 (640x480)

IMG_4623 (640x480)

IMG_4629 (640x480)

I’ll leave you with this video that Ryder took of Kelly and the kids blowing out the candles! Happy Birthday, Kelly!

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DONNA CUSHING November 6, 2013 at 11:21 am

I really enjoyed this recap of your visit. It is such a special time when you are home. I am a lucky mom and grand mom to have such a loving family, and a growing one! Till the next time……Enjoy it all!


CAROL GLOSKI November 6, 2013 at 1:39 pm

I felt as if I was really there for the weekend!! Great attention to details!! Thanks for this awesome blog, Courtney!


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