Weekend Recap: Cousins, Cousins Everywhere

by Courtney Sirotin on August 14, 2013

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(Post title brought to you by my mother!)

The days are still blending together in a wind storm of little kids. I did sneak away this weekend for a GNO with my friends from high school, so that was a definite break from the norm. Here are a bunch of images from the weekend, which I am extending to Monday because I had a bunch of Monday pics on my phone when I dumped them on my computer. These things are loosey-goosey.


Dylan pops out of bed each morning singing, “Julia!? Julia!? Where are you?” He runs through the house in search of his cousin and snuggles. Julia wakes up a bit slower and is sometimes a little thrown off by Dylan’s morning zeal, but she’s a good sport and accepts his affection graciously.

IMG_3046 (480x640)

A bunch of us went up to the boat on Saturday, but it was too windy to take it out once we got there. We stayed on the beach instead and then went out to lunch. (Dylan was a terror at lunch but that is not pictured. He didn’t want to stay at the table so we had to force him into a high chair while he was screaming and then he also broke a pepper shaker and glass and pepper went everywhere. Ugh.)

The beach was lovely.

IMG_3047 (640x480)

The kids had fun playing in the sand and splashing in the water.

IMG_3051 (480x640)

Cousin Parker!

IMG_3053 (640x480)

Trevor too!

IMG_3054 (640x480)

Ben and Kelly, watching their kids.

IMG_3056 (640x480)

On the ride home from the restaurant, Dylan poked my dad in the back with an umbrella many times and thought it was pretty funny. (It kinda was.)

IMG_3058 (640x480)

I guess it was also on Saturday, in the afternoon, that we made a second outing to get some ice cream from my favorite local ice cream spot, Sugar and Ice. I like it because they have homemade ice cream, warm waffle cones, cute décor and a large outside play area with toys for kids.

IMG_3069 (640x480)

You can get an ice cream and sit back and watch you kids wear themselves out.

IMG_3070 (640x480)

Dylan played for awhile before he got his ice cream.

IMG_3067 (640x480)

IMG_3068 (640x480)

IMG_3072 (480x640)

And then took a breather to really enjoy it.

IMG_3075 (640x480)

Grammy Rose! My grandmother.

IMG_3079 (640x480)

After we ate, it was back to playing.

IMG_3082 (640x480)

Dylan did not want to leave. We promised him we’d go back very soon. (Foreshadowing…)

IMG_3083 (640x480)


I was off my game on Sunday and forgot to take pictures of the morning at home or a trip into Portsmouth for lunch. Fast forward to Sunday night and I left Dylan with my mom and met up with some girlfriends in Portsmouth for dinner and drinks.

I got there early and was very happy to sit out by the water and watch people walk by.

IMG_3087 (640x480)

It was a lovely night.

IMG_3089 (640x480)

We ate at Black Trumpet Bistro, Katie’s favorite restaurant in Portsmouth. Here I am with my friends:

IMG_3091 (640x480)

And here’s what I ate. Yummy pierogi..staying true to my Polish ancestry. Smile

IMG_3092 (640x480)

Mandy and Michele:

IMG_3098 (640x496)

Katie and me:

IMG_3100 (640x565)


“Julia!? Julia!? Where are you?”

IMG_3105 (640x480)

My mom and I were in charge of the full brood on Monday. Ryder, Julia, Parker, Trevor and Dylan. It meant staying at home, staying outside as much as possible and trying to keep everyone happy. We were successful for the most part.

I took a few random pictures. The kids really enjoyed playing with umbrellas for awhile.

IMG_3107 (640x480)

IMG_3110 (640x480)

IMG_3111 (640x480)

There was lots of bike riding, chalk playing and climbing on my dad’s tractor.

IMG_3118 (640x480)

As we ran out of activities, Julia and Dylan took to the cars and combed through their contents for inspiration.

IMG_3119 (640x480)

We ordered pizza and other easy things for lunch.

IMG_3123 (640x480)

The highlight of Ryder’s day was making his first omelet by himself! He saw a segment on omelets on The View and then ran into the kitchen with a mission. It turned out great! (And he’s been making them for anyone willing to eat one ever since.)

IMG_3125 (640x480)

We got the kids soaked with the hose after lunch. My sister Alana came home in the early afternoon so with the extra set of hands, and wheels, we took the kids to get ice cream. Dylan was very happy to return to Sugar and Ice!

IMG_3127 (640x480)

Even Ryder had fun. Here he is…airborne!

IMG_3129 (640x480)

I am very excited because this Thursday after I put Dylan to bed I am driving to meet Jason for a few nights in Boston. We are staying at a beautiful hotel and plan to really relax and enjoy the city together. Jay will come back with me to my parents’ house for Dylan b-day party on Sunday and then he has a few more shoots scheduled. I think Dylan and I will fly back early next week so that we can spend a few days with Jay before he has to leave for another shoot (and then another one after that!). I think by early September life will be back to normal…but you never know. Smile

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KATIE August 15, 2013 at 3:00 pm

I love when you come to visit. I love your family and how happy Dylan is with his cousins. I’m also so happy that Jay is coming up this time around for your anniversary! Can’t wait to see you before you go!


MANDY August 15, 2013 at 5:02 pm

Yeah – glad you had a fun trip! I particularly enjoyed your recap of Portsmouth! Enjoy the GA moms club!


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