Weekend Recap: Dodged A Bullet (Fingers Crossed)

by Courtney Sirotin on February 17, 2014

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Aside from a fun day I had with Dylan on Sunday, this past week and weekend revolved around Jay getting the flu and Dylan and I waiting to see if we would get it (we didn’t).

Jay got the flu shot but somehow it didn’t work for him. He started feeling bad last Monday and finally went to a clinic to get tested for the flu on Friday and it was positive for type B flu (which was covered in the flu shot so go figure). We were all home together sharing germs for four days because of the snow storm so Dylan and I were definitely exposed, but when I got the flu test on Saturday (as a precaution when I felt a slight sore throat) it was negative and today is Monday and I still feel fine so I think (knock on wood) Dylan and I are in the clear. Jay must have been given a botched flu shot or something.

So anyway, I have been busy growing this baby with lots of carbs. I had a doctor’s appointment this past week where they said the baby was measuring 4 lbs. Jay asked what our chances are to get it to 7 lbs. and the lady said maybe if I eat a lot and she emphasized carbs. Don’t twist my arm…

So anyway, Jay said that if he were pregnant he would eat a bagel, so that afternoon I went out and got one for lunch in his honor.

IMG_6160 (640x480)

And later that day made donuts with Dylan.

IMG_6165 (640x480)

Dylan was happy to help me grow his little brother.

IMG_6166 (640x480)


I had some annoying paperwork to finish up on Saturday and needed a good scanner so we all went to Jay’s office so that I could get it done before we caught a movie.

IMG_6174 (640x480)

I took Dylan to the Lego movie but we only made it halfway through. Dylan just wasn’t into it and as soon as he got full of popcorn his attention shifted to climbing over the seats so it was time to go. He was excited by this Captain America poster on the way out, though.

IMG_6181 (480x640)

IMG_6186 (640x480)

We needed to lay low this weekend so it was back home after that. We did a few science experiments to pass the time.

IMG_6190 (640x480)

IMG_6192 (640x480)

Dylan dropped some water on the floor and wanted to pick it up himself. As he was doing so he said, “Mama, take a picture!” so here you go:

IMG_6196 (640x480)

Sometimes when we are in the middle of something, Dylan and I will stop to survey the mess we are creating and compare which one of us is messier. Here’s a glimpse at the kind of mess we can make in about 10 minutes…


In his spare time, Superman has been busy protecting our house from villains.

IMG_6209 (640x480)


I took Dylan to the Tellus Science Museum on Sunday. Jay was just about fully recovered but I took Dylan by myself to give Jay just a little more time to relax and to get Dylan out of the house.

IMG_6216 (480x640)

It ended up being a great day because all of the exhibits were of things Dylan is really into right now, from construction vehicles and magnets to dinosaurs and rockets. The last time we went was over a year and a half ago so his interests then were more limited,

IMG_6219 (640x480)

IMG_6221 (640x480)

He also enjoyed digging for fossils!

IMG_6228 (640x480)

IMG_6236 (640x480)

Here’s Dylan inside a “weather tree” where he can program different weathers.

A final image from the weekend. We packed a picnic lunch in Dylan’s Spiderman backpack and ate at the outside pavilion after we left the museum. The bag was pretty heavy but Dylan bore the load and was quite proud of himself for the achievement.

IMG_6249 (640x480)

IMG_6250 (640x480)

That’s it for now! Hope you all had good weekends!

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JENNIFER TURGEON February 17, 2014 at 9:52 pm

Hi Courbet its Alana’s childhood friend Jen! Just want you to know I love reading your blog! Congrats on your pregnancy and can’t wait to see what you write next!


JENNIFER TURGEON February 17, 2014 at 9:55 pm

Hi Courtney its Alana’s childhood friend Jen! Just want you to know I love reading your blog! Congrats on your pregnancy and can’t wait to see what you write next!


COURTNEY February 18, 2014 at 4:06 am

Hi Jen! That’s so cool you read my blog! I have so many great memories of you from when we were kids!


DONNA CUSHING February 27, 2014 at 2:23 am

You give Dylan so many cool experiences! There are so many interesting places to visit in this Atlanta area. Of course I have only experienced a few…. But Dylan really enjoyed the playground on the lower level of the Booth Museum. I think they actually called it Sagebrush Country….


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