Weekend Recap: Dylan Turns Two!

by Courtney Sirotin on August 20, 2012

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Since I wasn’t blogging when Dylan was born, let’s recap his past birthdays…

Day of Birth = <3

newborn (640x480)

newborn with mommy (480x640)

First Birthday…he didn’t even want to try the frosting!

1stbdaycake (405x270)

1stbday daddy (405x270)

Second Birthday…today! He’s got the frosting thing figured out now.


Before I kick off the weekend recap, here’s a little video from Friday. I haven’t been showing our messes enough lately, so here’s a glimpse at how we’re living…

It starts with an innocent cup of fries:


And ends in this:


I blame the fries. There’s really nothing innocent about them.


Saturday was a weird day because Jason’s friend, Brian, was in town for his bachelor party so Jay was in and out as he attended guy things. Brian and another friend stayed at our place Friday night so it was a full house of men Saturday morning. Regardless, I still made time for snuggling…


…and Play-Doh.


I’m not sure if its appropriate for me to blog about what Brian was doing during his bachelor party weekend…but I’m not really appropriate, so I’m spilling the beans. The coffee beans, that is…


Yup, that’s Brian, letting loose and…organizing our Kcups.


The last time he stayed with us he polished our coffee maker until it gleamed. Here’s my theory: he drinks coffee, gets buzzed and then uses the extra energy to clean the first thing he sees, which is often the coffee.

Speaking of extra energy, Dylan had it in spades on Saturday. He has been suffering from a cold and for some reason when he is sick he gets hyper. It’s been a struggle to get him to sleep the past few nights so I thought on Saturday I would try skipping his nap to see if he would sleep earlier or better at night. It was just intended to be an experiment since I think he’s still too young to drop his nap.

After the guys left I took Dylan to Barnes & Noble to pick out a book. He glanced at the books but was more interested in climbing around:

IMG_4875 (640x480)IMG_4878 (640x480)

And the toy section.

IMG_4879 (640x480)

Regardless, we left with an awesome book and a couple small toys including an adorable cupcake set. Unfortunately, you can only see part of it here:

IMG_4883 (640x480)IMG_4880

Fast forward a bunch of hours and its 11 pm and Dylan is still up. Skipping his nap did not help him sleep. In fact, it seemed to make things much worse. I’d been hoping he’d go to sleep early so that I could leisurely assemble the new workshop my parents got him for his birthday. I wanted him to wake up to it all completed as a fun birthday surprise. It didn’t work out quite like that. This picture was taken close to midnight:

IMG_4888 (640x480)

I had a lot of “help” putting it together. Winking smile



I’ll be honest and say Dylan’s actual birthday was a little dull. We are throwing him a formal party next weekend so I’m hoping that will make up for a lackluster celebration today. Dylan wasn’t feeling great, Jay wasn’t feeling great and we were all tired. We spent the morning dragging our sore bodies around the house and then Dylan took a three hour nap. Jay also napped and I cleaned.


When the day started I’d loosely planned an afternoon outing to the children’s museum and a stop by a fancy cupcake store to get Dylan a birthday cupcake in lieu of a cake, but by the time Dylan woke up from his nap it was too late for the museum. Instead, we opted for a late lunch out and then something else, TBD. We ended up finding the perfect restaurant for lunch because the kid’s menu included a gourmet cupcake from the restaurant’s bakery. Except, Dylan threw a massive, loud, totally unreasonable temper tantrum when we tried to get him to sit at the table and we had to leave. It turns out the reason for his meltdown was linked to a strong desire he had to walk up and down the stairs outside the restaurant.

IMG_4893 (640x480)IMG_4894 (640x480)

We ended up eating near a mall:


And then Dylan just ran around the mall, played on the rides, and went up and down the escalators for about an hour.

IMG_2514 (640x480) (2)

On our way out of the mall we saw a guy eating a fancy cupcake. He told us where he got it so we went back in the mall and picked one up for after Dylan’s dinner.

Back home, Dylan opened another present from his other grandparents:

IMG_2517 (640x480)IMG_2519 (640x480)IMG_2526

And then he had his treat!

One more, mid-way through: The kid really knows how to eat a cupcake! Makes me so proud.

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