Weekend Recap: Farewell To Summer

by Courtney Sirotin on September 3, 2012

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We didn’t have any plans this weekend. It was a good weekend for saying farewell to summer. I won’t lie, I’m excited for the Fall! Love me some jeans and hoodies!

Saturday morning was spent at the house. I made breakfast and then Jason watched Dylan while I worked out.

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Late morning we decided to go to the weekly farmer’s market nearby. It turns out that along with the market they were having a big art festival. Under different circumstances it might have been a good time (there were a lot of kid’s activities) but it was unbearably hot and crowded so we bailed after just a few minutes and went to get lunch instead. You can see how drained we all were from the heat in these next few pictures!

IMG_4952 (640x480)



In the afternoon, after Dylan’s nap, we took Dylan to an indoor play place called Kangazoom. Jay bounced around with Dylan and they both got a great workout!

IMG_2889 (640x480)

We ended the afternoon with frozen yogurt. Here’s Dylan being Dylan at the yogurt shop:


We had to go grocery shopping Sunday morning so we hopped in the car, but the car wouldn’t start. There’s something going on with the electric key and sometimes, randomly, it just doesn’t work. Nothing specific really fixes it, it just starts working approximately ten minutes later. The whole ordeal really works Jay up, so I took a picture of the dashboard to remember how frantic he was in that moment. That’s the knee of a frantic man:

IMG_4951 (640x480)

Later, during Dylan’s nap, I made chocolate macaroons to bring to a cookout. Half were topped with dark chocolate chips and the other half with almonds.

IMG_4954 (640x480)

Sleepy boy, up from his nap, perched on a table:

IMG_2895 (640x640)

Then we headed to the cookout at our friends Jase and Davina’s house. While there I asked Jay to snap a picture of me for my “Before and After” makeup shots, which I promised in my last post. The “before” was taken the day I went to get the new makeup. I’m not sure you can really even see my makeup like this, though (and I’m making a weird face in the “after”)! Regardless:

Before and After:

IMG_4931 (640x480)IMG_2897

Dylan had fun playing with Zara and Olivia again! Wish I got more pictures!

IMG_2906 (640x480)

And that about sums up this low-key weekend. In upcoming news, I booked my tickets home and will be back in New Hampshire with Dylan in less than two weeks AND Jason will be joining us a little later this time. I’m hoping we can take a family excursion to Boston while we are all there.

Until next time…

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DONNA CUSHING September 4, 2012 at 10:50 pm

Sounds like a fun low-key weekend. I like the Wolfebori shirt !


KELLY September 5, 2012 at 2:34 am

I like that mom called it the Wolfebori shirt. I also enjoyed the post and miss you all terribly. Can’t wait for your visit home! Love you!


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