Weekend Recap: Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes

by Courtney Sirotin on July 2, 2012

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Saturday started with Dylan double fisting bacon into his mouth. The toast and eggs were just my wishful thinking.

IMG_4284 (640x480)

My mom and I both needed things from the grocery store so we went shopping after breakfast with a quick detour to a park to give Dylan a chance to play. The great thing about going to a park with another adult is that they can push Dylan…

IMG_4292 (640x480)

…while I take the opportunity to swing.

IMG_4289 (640x480)

Dylan and I went to a local children’s museum in the afternoon.

IMG_4307 (640x480)

He had a great time making music by touching a wall and loved watching the waveforms he created displayed on a big screen. (Wonder who he gets that from…Jay?)

Another point of interest included a giant cardboard paper box. (Why do kids like boxes so much? I had to pry him away from this one!)

IMG_4326 (640x480)

The last time we were here I got these exact same pictures:

IMG_4327 (640x480)IMG_4332 (640x480)

Dylan liked this dog wall-mural so much, he gave it kisses.

IMG_4333 (640x480)IMG_4334 (640x480)

The rest of Saturday was low-key because we had a big day planned for Sunday.


Sunday my parents took Dylan and me on a road trip up North. We ate breakfast at a cute restaurant that had a train circling overhead.


IMG_4341 (640x480)

And then we went to STORY LAND! Story Land is a low-key but really nice and well-maintained theme park celebrating famous fairy tales and nursery rhymes. I love it there because its very whimsical. There are talking trees, tilted houses and giant Humpty Dumptys sitting on walls.

My dad went to Story Land when he was a kid, he took me when I was a kid, and now its Dylan’s turn.


Here’s Dylan making his very first wish in a wishing well. I think its cool we have that on camera! I hope all his wishes come true.

IMG_2036 (640x480)IMG_2038 (640x480)

At one point Dylan entered a giant ball pit and wouldn’t come out. Eventually, I was allowed to break Story Land protocol to go in and get him.

IMG_2045 (480x640)

We bopped all around and went on a bunch of rides. The faster a ride went, the more Dylan enjoyed it. This pirate ship was a bit slow for him:


For the most part I would go on the rides with Dylan and my parents would wave and take our pictures, but this Ferris Wheel-type ride was fun because they went on with us. Sadly, I didn’t get their picture. Sad smile


We left the park around lunchtime, grabbed a quick bite at a nearby restaurant, popped into L.L. Bean and then headed on home. Dylan slept like a rock in the car.

IMG_4344 (640x480)

Back home Dylan took a loooooooong bath. He absolutely loves playing with cups in the tub. He just pours water from one cup to the another but the repetition really soothes him.

IMG_4346 (640x480)

And here’s a fresh and clean Dylan in his new L.L. Bean jammies.

IMG_4349 (640x480)

The night wound down with Play-doh and dinner. Dylan was unusually calm and mellow tonight and I totally credit that to a fun-filled day!

IMG_4356 (640x480)


While Dylan and I have been busy going to museums and theme-parks, my love, Jason, has been moving us into our new house in Georgia in 100+ degree weather.

photo 2 (640x480)

I am aware that this sounds extremely unfair (and really, it is) but we couldn’t figure out a way to do a major move with Dylan in tow so we planned it so that I would get Dylan out of town during the transition. It was the right move for us but its definitely weird not being with Jay during this experience.

photo 1 (640x480)

He sent me these few pictures of the new house right after he unloaded the boxes but he won’t let me see it again until Dylan and I arrive in person (he’s big on surprises!).

photo 4 (640x480)

I’m excited to see the house all put together but even more excited to see my Jason!


That’s a wrap!

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