Weekend Recap: Fake Christmas

by Courtney Sirotin on December 11, 2013

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Like I mentioned in my last post, we celebrated a fake Christmas at our house this weekend. We celebrate the real Christmas at my parents’ house on the 25th, but since that involves air travel, we wanted to give Dylan the toys “Santa” got him before we left. We leave next Tuesday so our thinking was that if we gave them to him this past weekend he would have a week to play with them before he had to leave them behind for our trip. I don’t think he really needed our complicated explanations about why Santa was visiting his house so early, he was just focused on getting presents.


I took him to the mall on Friday to have his picture taken with Santa to amp up the excitement for Saturday’s “Christmas”. There were no lines, which was great. We got to see Santa right away and then the elf’s camera wasn’t working right so Dylan got to stay on Santa’s lap for a long time and talk about presents. Dylan told Santa he wanted a crane truck.

Dylan ran around the mall after that. He’s kind of over strollers and since I am pregnant I can’t manhandle him like I used to so going into mall-like situations with Dylan by myself, I anticipate doing a lot of chasing while we are there and even more cajoling when it is time to leave.

IMG_5202 (640x480)

Ice cream helps me get my way.

IMG_5218 (640x480)

Friday night we prepared for Santa’s arrival by baking cookies and writing him a letter.


Dylan enjoyed leaving cookies and milk for Santa, but he was skeptical about the carrots.

IMG_0514 (640x480)

When he was asleep, I wrapped. I was lost in a sea of Amazon packages and wrapping paper.

IMG_0524 (640x480)

Jay set up the presents under the tree.

IMG_0527 (640x480)

And left a note from Santa.

IMG_0529 (640x480)


Dylan popped out of bed Saturday morning and looked over the banister to see if Santa had come. He rushed downstairs once his hopes were confirmed.

IMG_0536 (640x480)

The usual took place after that. This was his first time celebrating Christmas at our house so it was extra special. We were able to get him larger sized toys because we didn’t have to fly with them.

IMG_0531 (640x480)

IMG_0535 (640x480)

He took his time between presents. He even wanted a whole new book read to him right away.

IMG_0537 (640x480)

IMG_0543 (640x480)

Here’s a video from the morning. As you can see, I was in charge of putting everything together. I assembled so many things on Saturday!

His big present was a Bruder Crane Truck, which he’s wanted for a long time. I’ll do a separate post on Bruder toys sometime because they are amazing.

IMG_0573 (640x640)

These are the three Bruder trucks he currently owns:

IMG_0577 (640x480)


We had a reason to be at a mall on Sunday. If that sounds vague, its because we only go to the mall when it is really a necessity because Jay hates going to malls. Anyway, Dylan stumbled into a Build-A-Bear Workshop for the first time. When he saw what was going on in there, this was his reaction:

IMG_5225 (640x480)

For those who don’t know, when you go to a Build-A-Bear, kids select a stuffed animal shell and then they get to help stuff it. They also get to put a heart in the stuffed animal and create its birth certificate. It’s a hold to do.

IMG_5226 (640x480)

I thought Dylan was frightened of it, but then he ran and grabbed a shell and begged to make one of his own.

IMG_5231 (640x480)

IMG_5234 (640x480)

He named his animal Spot and immediately fell in love with it.

There’s one last thing I wanted to mention…

Dylan has taken to pretending HE is various construction vehicles. His favorite vehicle to embody is a crane truck and he insisted on being a crane the whole time we were at the mall. He goes on is knees so that his legs are caterpillar tracks and raises his arm like a crane. Its very cute but people were definitely giving us looks because this is how he made his way through the mall (with his new Spot in tow):

IMG_5239 (480x640)IMG_5240 (480x640)

That’s it for now!

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DONNA CUSHING December 19, 2013 at 8:53 pm

Dylan has a great imagination!


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