Weekend Recap: Father’s Day Fail

by Courtney Sirotin on June 18, 2013

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Man, I’ve been tired lately. I come out of the gate strong, but 2 pm hits and I start fading. I need naps! Anyway, it was a low-key weekend here again and I was fine with that. I miss my friends and family in New Hampshire terribly, but I know I will see them next month so I’m just staying in the moment here and trying to enjoy my days with Dylan and Jay.


We hung around the house Saturday morning and then ran a few errands before lunch. One stop on the agenda was a dollar store where I needed to get a lei for Dylan to wear to school on Hawaiian Day next week.

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We went to Hankook for lunch because its Dylan’s favorite restaurant.

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I had wanted to take Dylan to the pool in the afternoon, but he was more interested in playing Play-doh and water balloons at home.

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Jay went to the gym and Dylan and I got soaked in the backyard.

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Dylan likes the rare balloons that have holes and slow leaks the best.



Dylan plays with his doll house every morning after he gets out of bed. He works on different rooms each day. Sunday he assembled a kitchen. I like watching him decide what goes where, because sometimes his logic appeals to me. For example, he likes to put toilets next to beds. This makes sense.

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I’d wanted to make Jay a paleo banana ceam pie for Father’s Day, but it didn’t pan out. I was going to make it Saturday night after Dylan went to bed but Jay and I agreed relaxing was more important. Dylan wanted to bake muffins for breakfast, which was great, but Jay doesn’t eat them. All of this is to say, I was empty handed on Father’s Day. I had a lot of plans, but they never came together.

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The only thing that worked was making him a Father’s Day card. Jay went to the gym in the morning and Dylan decorated his card with glitter while he was gone.

IMG_2183 (640x480)

I took Dylan for a walk on the Silver Comet Trail after that. He was tired and I wanted to take a walk, so it worked out perfectly.

IMG_2185 (640x480)

We made it to the pool as a family in the afternoon.

IMG_2191 (640x480)

Sunday night I cleaned the entire house after Dylan went to bed. It took nearly three hours. We trashed the place this weekend!

And that’s that!

Happy belated Father’s Day to all the dad out there!

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DONNA June 23, 2013 at 10:33 am

I don’t think it was a father’s day fail at all! Looking at your beautiful pictures and reading about all you did tells me everyone had a great day!


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