Weekend Recap: First Date

by Courtney Sirotin on March 4, 2013

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Why, hello there! Hope y’all had a great weekend! We certainly did!


It was chilly this weekend so I stuck a hat on Dylan’s head as we were heading out the door on Saturday and I guess he really liked it because he’s been wearing it ever since. So, if you’re wondering why Dylan’s wearing a hat in most of the following pictures, that’s why.

Anyway, Dylan was invited to a birthday party Saturday afternoon so we ate breakfast, got ready for the day and then set out to run errands, eat lunch and hit up the party.

IMG_0262 (640x480)

One of our stops was at Target. Dylan likes to “help” us shop.

Dylan loved the musical cards.  One in particular made him wiggle his little butt every time he heard the music.

We also stopped by Kohl’s (not pictured) where Dylan got a little toy to play with during lunch.

IMG_4986 (640x480)

Dylan likes to crawl under tables at restaurants now. Five minutes with mom, five minutes with dad and so on. Jay and I don’t like him going under tables because the floors are so dirty so we try to get him back and fourth quickly without too much time on the ground, but it’s a challenge.

IMG_0275 (640x480)

After lunch it was time for the birthday party! Our dear friend, Natalie, has a son, Jude, who just turned two! Here he is blowing out his candles:

IMG_5008 (640x480)

The party was SO much fun! It was held at Play Activity Center in Roswell and they have a foam pit, trampoline, jump house and more.

IMG_0281 (640x480)

Most notably, however, they had Riley. Riley is the daughter of another one of our friends and it was the first time she and Dylan have played together since they were infants. They kind of teamed up for the afternoon. It was precious to watch their little toddler date!

IMG_5012 (640x480)IMG_5013 (640x480)

Jay was a fun chaperone, too!

Of course, I think if Dylan had to pick between girls and frosting, he’d probably pick frosting! At least, for now.

Jay took a bunch of cute videos at the party so I have to include a few more! Here’s one where Dylan passive aggressively tries to steal a hoola hoop away from Jude’s older brother.

Here’s a cute one of Dylan stopping to kiss Jay while playing:

Finally, here’s a great family picture. I like it because it’s kind of awkward.

IMG_0299 (640x480)

We returned home after the party and then Jay went out again for a few drinks with his friends while I put Dylan to bed and watched a movie. I enjoyed the relaxing end to the day!

(I totally watched the last Twilight movie and was almost too afraid to admit that here because I was supposed to wait to watch it with my mom. Sorry, Mom! There was nothing else I wanted to watch available. Can we watch Argo together instead?)


People sometimes ask me if we ever get snow here in Georgia. The answer is yes, and here’s proof from this morning:

IMG_0302 (640x480)

Dylan took his doodling up a notch while waiting for breakfast:

IMG_5020 (640x480)

We hung out around the house all morning and then met up with Justin and Kendy for lunch at Maggiano’s.

IMG_0305 (640x480)

(I seriously feel awful writing about this, too, because my mom wanted to go there when she was visiting last week and we never made it! Sorry, again, Mom!) It was my first time eating at Maggiano’s and I was surprised to learn they give you two meals for the price of one. Meaning, you get a meal to eat at the table and another one packaged up to take home if you order one of their “classic” pasta dishes. Since the portions are so huge I ended up buying one meal and taking home enough food for a week!

Anyway, after lunch we went to the Cumberland Mall to poke around since the restaurant was connected to it. Jay hates walking around malls, but I wanted to look in Macy’s (I had some coupons) so he humored me.

IMG_0308 (640x480)

We made a pit stop by the rides for Dylan.

IMG_0312 (640x480)

But I think Justin had the most fun riding in the helicopter. (!!??)

IMG_5037 (640x640)

It definitely takes two adults to accomplish even mediocre shopping with Dylan in tow! One adult rushes through shopping while the other keeps Dylan entertained. He’s not one to ride along calmly in a stroller!

IMG_5031 (640x480)

We made a final stop for ice cream on the way home. We’re friendly with the owners at Sub Zero, a yogurt shop near our house, so we like to pop in to see them whenever possible.

IMG_0322 (640x480)

The last thing of note from the day is Jay’s latest attempt to get Dylan to eat vegetables. He made a reward chart and posted it next to Dylan’s high chair. As you can see, Dylan wasn’t too excited about it, but we have some hope because he did place a carrot to his tongue by the end of the meal! That’s progress!

IMG_0327 (640x480)

That’s it for the weekend! TTYL!

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ALIX March 4, 2013 at 11:13 am

Hi Courtney. Not sure if it’ll work with Dylan but Ben eats the frozen veggies cut in squares. He likes the carrot, corn and peas one. Maybe it’s a size thing. Ben ate chicken for the first time yesterday. It was the frozen kind in animal shapes. I think the animal shapes was a novelty. Anyway he loved it. He probably won’t eat it next time we serve it. Lol. I still can’t get Ben to eat pasta. Good luck!


COURTNEY March 5, 2013 at 2:47 am

Thanks, Alix! I took your advice and got some frozen peas and carrots today…we’ll see how it goes! Dylan is a meat eater to the max…loves bacon, sausage, beef hot dogs and chicken tenders. Its SO hard to get him to eat veggies but I’m hoping the reward system will work because if he is like Jay, he’ll respond to negotiation.


CAROL GLOSKI March 4, 2013 at 8:08 pm

I love the hat and sweatshirt!!!


COURTNEY March 5, 2013 at 2:48 am

My dad got him the sweatshirt during his visit!


RYDER JACKSON March 5, 2013 at 1:35 am

Can’t believe how much you have done since we left. Looking forward to seeing Argo with you!


COURTNEY March 5, 2013 at 2:48 am

Looking forward to seeing Argo with you, too, Ry! I didn’t realize you were a Ben Affleck fan!


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