Weekend Recap: Full Term, Baby!

by Courtney Sirotin on March 24, 2014

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Breaking news! The baby made it full term! I am now in my 37th week and the baby is safe to come whenever he is ready now. Hooray!

We made it another week and I thank Roxanne for that. She has made everything manageable and now that I made it to 37 weeks I feel comfortable resuming my regular activities. It could be another 10 minutes or 10 days but we are ready to meet Levi now.

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So, this weekend. Saturday, Jay and Roxanne took Dylan to a dinosaur show at the North Atlanta Trade Center while I spent my last day taking it easy.

IMG_0541 (640x640)

Jay said it was a big rip-off, but the dinos look cool in the pictures.

IMG_0469 (640x480)

This one must be roaring really loudly!

IMG_0539 (640x640)

IMG_0472 (640x480)

IMG_0474 (640x480)

Apparently the whole show was in a room the size of a high school gym and there wasn’t really much to do there. I didn’t believe Dylan could be bored at a dino show, but this picture was pretty convincing.

IMG_0515 (640x480)

They ran into Target after that to pick up a few things and, of course, Dylan made his way to the toy aisle. He left with a Captain America helmet (unboxing video at the end of this post).

IMG_0518 (640x480)

Sunday, in the afternoon, we took Dylan to Monkey Joe’s to burn some energy.

IMG_0543 (640x480)

IMG_0573 (640x480)

I love this video of Dylan tacking a new obstacle. This was his first time climbing this particular obstacle course/bouncy thing. By the end of our visit he was flying up it.

And this is the end of the course; he is flying down the slide head first.

Dylan’s favorite restaurant is the Marietta Diner and on the placemats there they have pictures of their sister restaurants including the Marietta Fish Market. Dylan has been oddly obsessed with going to the Marietta Fish Market ever since he discovered it on the placemat so we finally took him on Sunday after we left Monkey Joes. My parents would love this restaurant.

IMG_0594 (640x480)


Dylan ate exactly nothing but he had fun anyway.

When we got home, he drove me to the Jurassic time period to visit a T. Rex and then he made a new friend at the park across the street.

IMG_6560 (640x480)

All in all, it was a laid back kind of typical weekend. The calm before the (happy) storm…


Unboxing Video: Marvel Captain America Super Soldier Gear Battle Helmet

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CAROL GLOSKI March 25, 2014 at 2:34 pm

Congratulations on making it to full term!! Now we anxiously await the arrival of Levi!


DONNA CUSHING March 26, 2014 at 10:13 am

We are all waiting for Levi! Lots of love is coming his way! The videos of Dylan climbing and sliding are adorable! And the Marietta Fish Market? Sounds like my kind of place! I say thank you to Roxanne too, for making life easier and taking such good care of Courtney and Dylan. Maybe the next post will have pictures of Levi! God bless:)


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