Weekend Recap: Glub, Glub

by Courtney Sirotin on January 14, 2013

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It was a laid back weekend around here, which is just how I like them!


We had an early morning play date scheduled with our friends and their kids at a nearby park. Jason and Dylan played with Dylan’s dollhouse while I did a short workout before we left.

IMG_4572 (640x480)

I like checking out the scenes in the doll house after Jay’s been playing with it. There’s always something weird going on.

IMG_4575 (640x480)

It was a balmy 75 degrees out on Saturday, but since it had been raining during the night, I wanted to put Dylan in his snow boots. He only has one pair of shoes and I didn’t want them to get muddy. Dylan is extremely loyal to his shoes and gets very upset when I try to put him in his boots or any other pair. He ended up throwing quite a fit over the boots and we eventually had to just take them off and let him get his sneakers muddy.

IMG_4580 (640x480)

He cheered up once we got to the park. (And it wasn’t that muddy.)

IMG_7276 (640x480)

Dylan was joined by his girl friends, Zara —>;

IMG_7281 (640x480)

and Olivia!

IMG_7282 (640x480)

We are so lucky to have friends with kids Dylan’s exact age!

Dylan took my phone and snapped this picture of Jason:

IMG_7273 (640x480)

I’m totally not kidding, either. He now knows how to take pictures himself! He even framed the shot and got it in focus! He takes after his dad in that department. Tangent: When I first met Jay he was running a start-up television network with a small staff. He had to work in a number of different roles, from videography to editing. I used to love watching Jay shoot video. (Still do!). The way he wielded the camera around with such familiarity, like it was an extension of his body, appealed to me in a gun-wielding cowboy kind of way.

IMG_7292 (640x480)

Anyway, after spending a couple of hours at the park we were pretty hungry so we hit up our favorite restaurant, Hankook! We ordered the usual…

IMG_7296 (640x480)

Jay thinks my mom would like it there but I disagree. Mom, look at my meal above. Is there any way you would eat that???

It seemed like Dylan was on the road to skipping his nap so we made the decision to stay out of the house the rest of the day. First we hit up a book store (not pictured) and then a department store. Jay found an alternative means of transportation through the store.

IMG_7307 (640x480)

IMG_7309 (640x480)

(That picture is funny to me for obvious reasons but also because he is wearing my purse. It’s a manly purse, sure, but still.)

This panda caught Jay’s eye on a shelf.

IMG_7312 (640x480)

He got it down to show Dylan when things got creepy.

IMG_7311 (640x480)

Dylan didn’t care for it either. We weren’t really looking to buy any toys but Dylan zeroed in on a tea pot which, as you know, is his kryptonite. It was only a couple of buck and made him very, very happy.

IMG_7321 (640x480)

Our last stop was for ice cream.

IMG_7334 (640x480)

I get homesick for New Hampshire a lot, but eating ice cream on a 75 degree day in January is pretty awesome.

IMG_7339 (640x480)

Dylan fell asleep early and quickly Saturday night! Jay and I had a nice night hanging out and I finally got around to watching the first episode of Homeland! Jay says its too intense for him to watch with me again but I’m going to keep going regardless. I can see it filling the void that 24 left. The hard part will be finding time to watch them. I usually work at night when Dylan is asleep but I’ll have to figure something out!


I felt like baking Sunday morning so I made Jay a batch of paleo-friendly pumpkin muffins. I used these ingredients:

IMG_7344 (640x480)

Dylan helped me pour and measure. I accidentally dropped the carton of eggs and six of them broke open right on the floor. I wish I got a picture of it because it was disaster but I didn’t think to grab my camera in the moment. My instinct was to move Dylan away from the potential salmonella and get everything cleaned up and sanitized asap! I’m sure you are just as happy not to see raw eggs on my floor anyway.

Here are the muffins out of the oven…

IMG_7350 (640x480)

And now, despite the fact that the muffins came out pretty good, I will always think of them as Salmonella Muffins.

Jay had a business call at noon so we spent the morning at home. Dylan and I played outside for a while. He likes acting out Itsy Bitsy Spider on our water spout.

IMG_4594 (640x480)

We also got super sandy playing in the sandbox and had to change clothes when we got back inside. I put a video on in the kitchen and then changed him on the kitchen table, which is only notable because Jay took a picture of it.

IMG_4596 (640x480)

We went to the Georgia Aquarium this afternoon! Its always a cool place to spend the day and I like watching Dylan become more and more aware of the experience each time we go. Here is a mesmerizing video of some stunning jellyfish!

Don’t let this sweet picture fool you, Dylan tore it up at the aquarium today! He ran around like a maniac trying to see everything and go into every room.

IMG_4627 (640x480)

Jay and I got workouts just trying to keep up with him!

IMG_4609 (640x480)IMG_4611 (640x480)

I love this video of Dylan because it shows him putting on a bit of a show. He spent a good ten minutes jumping, spinning and dancing in this room while onlookers cheered him on.

Jay pinned him down for this quick pic!

IMG_7355 (640x480)

Jay and I were starving after the aquarium so we went to the Marietta Diner for a late lunch. Dylan ate a little of his meal but was tired and fussy. In a desperate move, I ordered him a piece of cake to keep him entertained while Jay and I finished eating. Um…this is what came out.

IMG_7360 (640x480)

Dylan was overwhelmed! Thankfully, he only nibbled at the whipped cream. The rest is now in my fridge where it will be taunting me for days to come.

IMG_7363 (640x480)

I had a glass of wine with my lunch and it made me soooo tired. I needed a cup of coffee when we got home to offset the wine! Not the healthiest balance, I suppose, but it did the trick!

IMG_7367 (640x480)

And now, my friends, if I wrap this up quickly I might have time for another episode of Homeland! So…bye bye

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CAROL GLOSKI January 15, 2013 at 2:30 am

That room in the Aquarium brought back fond memories of Bree’s wedding last April!! You can get mesmerized in that room!


DONNA January 15, 2013 at 1:52 pm

WOW! I love this post! I am wondering what is in that Hankook dinner???Jay is right, I do like spicy, but spicy what? that is the question! I too am mesmerized by the jelly fish. They might be right up there with the draw of the beluga whales. I can’t wait to share some tea with Dylan and I am jealous of eating ice cream in 75 degree weather in January. Hope we get a day like that in February. it was nice to see the pictures of Zara and Olivia. They were just babies when I saw them last. They are so cute! and Dylan, of course you know how I feel about him! Adorable, smart, clever, loving, and the list goes on and on and on…. He is such a firework! Anyway, I love the post! Thank you for sharing, and thank you to Carol for helping to make our February trip a reality!!!


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