Weekend Recap: Haunted Birthday, Fall Activities and Falling Activities

by Courtney Sirotin on October 21, 2013

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Saturday was a special day because Dylan’s long-delayed birthday party finally came to fruition!  It had a Halloween theme so the kids came in costumes and they were all adorable. We spent the morning getting the house and food prepared. Here’s the scene just before our friends arrived:

The House:

(A lot of our Halloween decorations were already up so decorating was pretty easy)

IMG_4046 (640x480)

IMG_4045 (640x480)

I got this pinata because its an exact replica of the one Handy Manny has at his birthday party in a book that Dylan really enjoys.

IMG_7382 (640x480)

We ordered a cake and ended up getting one twice as big as the one we ordered (for the same price) because of a screw up. It was a happy accident except that we are now swimming in cake. (Not the worst problem…but so hard to resist!)

IMG_7381 (640x480)

The Food:

The party was at 2pm so we didn’t plan a meal, just a bunch of snacks.

IMG_7364 (480x640)

IMG_7365 (640x480)

IMG_7370 (640x480)

I’m pretty proud of this cheese ball I made to look like a pumpkin. I followed this recipe.

IMG_7372 (640x480)

I also made a 7-layer dip which I was going spruce up with a “web” of sour cream piping and a plastic spider on top, but of course I forgot the add the topping. Grrrr…

IMG_7378 (640x480)

Dylan contributed by making glittery mini-pumpkins for the table.

IMG_7376 (640x480)

Vices…alcohol and candy:

IMG_4040 (640x480)

The Fun:

The highlight of the party was a bouncy house. It was delivered bright and early, around 8am, so Dylan had a full day of bouncing! Here he is watching it get assembled in the backyard.

IMG_7359 (640x480)

There was off and on rain but the bouncer had a roof so the kids still got to enjoy it!

IMG_7362 (480x640)

Dylan was dressed as Handy Manny and I was a butterfly…

IMG_7380 (640x480)

with a little bump. (Sorry if you find the bump pics annoying. I feel like I should document it a little here for prosperity’s sake. It looks oddly pointy here but I think that’s due to my jeans.)

IMG_7388 (640x480)

IMG_7470 (640x640)

Jay stared out as an 80s guy but ended up switching into a prison outfit:

IMG_7385 (480x640)

IMG_7387 (640x480)

I didn’t take many pictures during the party. I wish I could show you how cute all the kids looked! It was a really fun party for the kids and adults! Thankfully, Trey took this adorable picture of Olivia and Dylan in their costumes!

IMG_4093 (480x640)

Luckily, I do have this ah-mazing video of Dylan blowing out his candles and getting frosting all over his shirt!


Also thanks to Trey, I have two dramatic videos of Dylan blowing out his candles and hitting the pinata. (Dramatic because they are in slow motion!)


Sunday had so much potential. I say that because, like most of our weekends lately, it began with a fun family outing and ended with Jay in an Urgent Care center.

We joined our friends and their kids at Cagle’s Family Farm for some fall activities and a corn maze. It was a great farm with a lot of yummy and quintessential fall foods and things for kids to do for fun. They had this big pillow thing for the kids to jump on that was a HUGE hit.

IMG_7400 (640x480)

Here Dylan is getting acclimated to it. You will hear me screaming at him to do a somersault, which I did many times, very loudly, until looking down and reading a warning in big letters prohibiting somersaults.

Dylan also had a lot of fun riding a pony. I think these ponies actually have a pretty good life on the farm, too, which made the ride more enjoyable for me.

IMG_4052 (640x480)

IMG_4059 (480x640)

IMG_7468 (640x640)

Shortly after the pony ride and before the corn maze, Jason took a tumble down some stairs and messed up his ankle something fierce. He was in a lot of pain but thought he could walk it off, so we joined out friends through the corn maze.

IMG_4081 (640x480)

IMG_7466 (640x640)

The cuties in attendance were Zara, Olivia, Dylan and little Cameron!

IMG_4090 (480x360)

We made a stop into Walmart after we left the farm because Jay needed to find 30 pairs of tan sweatpants for a music video he is shooting next week. (We didn’t find them). As we were in the store his foot started to become extremely painful and he barely made it back to the car on two feet. We got home and it became even worse. We turned right back around and I dropped Jay off at an Urgent Care place that was open on Sunday. While he was there I took Dylan and some of his tools to the park across the street from our house and waited for Jay’s call.

IMG_4103 (640x480)

IMG_4105 (640x480)

I was eventually instructed to return with crutches.

IMG_4108 (640x480)

The Urgent Care place determined that Jay definitely fractured his foot and may have torn a ligament (which would require surgery Sad smile). He will go to an orthopedist on Monday to find out the real deal. The foot he injured is his driving foot which will make it hard for him to get around for awhile, but his major concern is for his racquetball game.

Anyway, that’s the scoop! It was an eventful weekend with some great moments despite the obvious annoying one!

**Update: Jay’s ligaments are fine. He sprained it in two places and needs to stay off it for a while but he doesn’t need surgery!**

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KATIE October 21, 2013 at 3:09 pm

I’m in absolutely belly-laughter at the slow motion videos. Nice work, Trey! I’m so happy the birthday party went well and you all look amazing! Sorry about Jay!!! 🙁

2 days until you’re here. 🙂


NEWS February 19, 2014 at 11:02 am

Call me wind because I am absolutely blown away.


CHEAP CIALIS 25MG February 17, 2015 at 3:20 pm

That’s a sharp way of thinking about it.


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