Weekend Recap: Hippity Hoppity

by Courtney Sirotin on April 2, 2012

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We had another low-key weekend with just the three of us tooling around the house and Cartersville. I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to celebrate holidays more now that I have Dylan so the overarching theme of this weekend was probably Easter eggs.


Jason received this cool cookbook as a gift recently:

IMG_2847 (640x480)

I’m especially excited about it because it’s filled with things I can actually make for him. Since he’s gone Paleo it’s been challenging for me to cook for him so this is going to be a great resource for when I want to make him a special treat. He got the book Friday night so Saturday morning I baked  him a Paleo-friendly Banana Bread!

IMG_2848 (640x480)

(Grrr…I cooked it longer than directed and did the toothpick test but it still sank in the middle…oh well, Jason like it anyway!)

After breakfast we went to the annual Easter egg hunt in town. The town has a helicopter drop eggs from the sky while kids line up along a field and wait for an announcer to say they can rush the field and collect the eggs. Dylan didn’t understand any of the rules or why he was there and threw a fit while I was restraining him. When it was time to run the field he went limp and I had to drag him. Thankfully, once he saw the other kids collecting eggs he got into it and ended up having a blast.

After the egg hunt we came home, Dylan napped and then it was time for lunch. A new development as of Saturday is that Dylan now sits at the table with us. We got rid of his high chair tray as well as the DVD player he used to watch during meals.  So far it’s going really well. It’s messier without the tray, but I think I can handle a little mess, don’t you???

IMG_1100 (640x480)

(Yes, those are shoes on the table. I didn’t notice them until just now…)

After lunch we went to the park where Dylan climbed up the slides:

IMG_2850 (640x480)

And the fake rock walls:

IMG_2856 (640x480)

He’s all about climbing right now. He will climb anything.

After the park we went grocery shopping, which was unremarkable except that Jason spent the entirety of the trip playing scratch off tickets. The first ticket he bought was filled with winning numbers and we thought we might’ve struck it rich until we scratched the prizes and saw they were all $1 wins. We used our meager winnings to buy more tickets and the cycle continued until we got in the car and the final two tickets were both losers.

IMG_1111 (640x480)

Once home we played some more and had dinner. Now that Dylan is not watching TV during meals he requires more entertainment. Jason kept Dylan laughing by catching Cheerios in his mouth.

IMG_1115 (640x480)

The payoff:

IMG_1119 (640x480)


Sunday morning before breakfast we colored Easter eggs.

IMG_1123 (640x480)

Again, Dylan didn’t know what to make of it but he enjoyed the stickers:

IMG_1128 (640x480)

He so wanted to get his hands in the colored waters but obviously I couldn’t let him. Instead, I gave him a random hard-boiled egg I had in the fridge and a glass of plain water and he was satisfied to play with them while the real Easter eggs dyed.


Dylan decorated a few colored eggs when they were ready


But all he really cared about was making sure his “special” egg got it’s due.

IMG_1137 (640x480)

He insisted it get a slot in the egg carton.


Later in the day we took Dylan to his second SoccerTots class.

Daddy and Dylan at Soccor Tots (640x480)

That last precisely five minutes. Dylan is just too young for this class. He wants to run around and play with all the props and doesn’t understand why we keep trying to restrain him and make him do boring drills, like walking backwards. Case in point, here I am trying to get Dylan to walk backwards like the other kids.

Shortly after that video was taken Dylan walked off the field and out the front door and we just let him. We all got in the car and went to the park instead. We will try SoccerTots again when he is a little older…maybe 2.

The park was fun except it was HOT and the slides were on fire from sitting in the sun. We let Dylan go down one slide and he cried from the heat of it so after that I was vigilant about making him sit on my lap down the slides (I was wearing jeans and could handle the heat).

Dylan and Momma Slide 1 (640x480)

Dylan and Momma Walk (640x480)

You would think he was climbing Mount Everest by the expressions on his face in these pictures:

Dylan Climbs and makes Face 1 (640x480)Dylan Climbs and makes Face 2 (640x480)Dylan Climbs and makes Face 3 (640x480)

After a while he took a breather on the swings and chugged some water.

Dylan Swing and Drink (640x480)

And if you are wondering why I’m including so many pictures of Dylan at the park in this post it’s because 1) Jason had his good camera so the picture quality is great and 2) Dylan is really cute. I should note that anytime my pictures look exceptionally good it’s because Jason is taking them!

Dylan with the Almost Smile (640x480)

This picture melts my heart:

Dylan is loved lots (640x480)

Once home, I cooked a bunch of vegetables. I made acorn squash and turnips for myself because I’m weird and I like turnips. I also made butternut squash and cauliflower purees for a Deceptively Delicious recipe I’m planning to try later in the week.

IMG_2858 (640x480)

After dinner Dylan and I painted:

IMG_2859 (640x480)

And that went well until Dylan became fixated on eating his paintbrush.

IMG_2863 (640x480)

So we switched to Play-Doh. (Notice the green paint on his mouth!)

IMG_2866 (640x480)

We also played outside, gave Dylan a bath and cleaned around the house. Dylan and Jason are both in bed now and I’m on my way soon. I was thinking today that we need to fill up our social calendar next weekend! If anyone wants to do something, let me know!

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DONNA CUSHING April 2, 2012 at 4:22 pm

I think Dylan had more to do and more fun this past weekend than some kids have in a month! You are wonderful parents! Are you going to hide eggs around the house next weekend? Or you and Dylan hide them on Jay. Happy Easter to you all!.


COURTNEY April 2, 2012 at 6:31 pm

Maybe that is why I am so exhausted today! Yes, I do think we will hide eggs, I just don’t have the logistics worked out yet…Dylan would love to be hunting them at your house with his cousins! Happy Easter, Mom!


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