Weekend Recap: Homebodies

by Courtney Sirotin on June 3, 2013

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This may be a bit of a boring weekend recap because we didn’t do much. Because I’m home so much, I usually want to pack a lot of outings into our weekends, but I was fine with keeping this one simple.


Our one outing on Saturday was a trip to TJ Maxx for new towels. Our old towels still looked fine but they were starting to smell a little off to me. I tried washing them with vingear, which I read online would help, and it did help, but they weren’t 100% fresh and you kinda want a fresh towel after a shower, so we got new ones. Good story.

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Dylan loves stores. Whenever I give him two options and one of them is a store, he picks the store. I’ll say, “Do you want to go to a big playground or the grocery store?” He will always pick the grocery store.

IMG_1817 (640x480)

He likes browsing.

IMG_1821 (640x480)

I wanted to get him a new Play-Doh toy because he has been exhibiting a renewed interest in the medium, but he became fixated on a tea set made for infants. It was the only thing he wanted, and it was cheap, so we got it for him and he’s been playing with it all weekend! He even brought it to the pool and wanted to sit in the gazeebo and have a tea party more than he wanted to get in the water.

IMG_1828 (640x480)

That is, until he got in the water. Then it was game on. He loves jumping in off the side now and you have to keep on your toes because he won’t wait for you to catch him.

After sharing my concern that he won’t learn how to swim if he’s wearing a life vest, a few of you urged me to keep him in one. Better safe than sorry, right? To that end, I picked up a new flotation device that I really, really like. It’s basically a shirt with a tire built in. You have to use a bike pump to fill it because its quite industrial. Dylan really likes it too. Its not bulky so he has complete freedom of movement, but it is very stable and keeps his head well above water. He can “swim” on his own wearing this. It is also very affordable!

IMG_1831 (640x480)

Here’s the packaging in case you want to get one. Also, here’s a link to it on Amazon .

IMG_1837 (640x480)

We played Play-Doh in the afternoon and then just did stuff around the house until it was time for Jay and I to go on a date!

IMG_1840 (640x480)

We had tickets to see Michael Ian Black perform at the Atlanta Improv Comedy Club. You may recall that I am a big MIB fan. Jay and I were joined by some friends, including Lee who was in town from NYC for the weekend. Jay and Lee worked together at Howard TV (Lee still works there!) when we lived in New York. It was fun catching up.

IMG_1897 (640x480)

Our seats were right against the stage. It was a small and intimate show and I really enjoyed myself. MIB was very funny!

IMG_1854 (640x480)


Jason had to be on a video shoot all day Sunday, so Dylan and I were on our own. I was going to plan an elaborate outing, but then I got tired just thinking about it and decided another low-key day would be fine. We basically spent the whole day making different kinds of art.

Sand art:

IMG_1862 (640x480)

Spin art:

IMG_1865 (640x480)


IMG_1867 (640x480)

Lots and lots of Play-doh! Dylan went through quite a few months of not being interested in Play-doh, but suddenly he’s all about it. He’s also become very good at using all the tools that come with the Play-doh kits. I think he is having an artistic growth spurt or something.

IMG_1872 (640x480)

We also went to the pool. I like taking him there and out of our house because he can have fun and it doesn’t make a mess. Winking smile

Dylan’s wink:

IMG_1877 (640x480)

IMG_1879 (640x480)

Ahhh, summer!

IMG_1881 (640x480)

Dylan starts camp this week, which is just his usual preschool with more water involved. I had to pick up some last minute things that he needs to bring in his camp bag, so we went to Target in the late afternoon. Dylan also scored a new Play-Doh toy and couldn’t wait to get home to try it.

IMG_1884 (640x480)

The Candy Cyclone Set is awesome! I enjoyed playing with it a lot. It makes perfect gumballs and then you can do all these cool things with the gumballs after you make them. I highly recommend it if your kids (or..cough…you) are into Play-Doh.

IMG_1886 (640x480)

IMG_1892 (640x480)

Some of our creations…

IMG_1896 (640x480)

And…that’s about it! Jay got home around 8pm and we watched an episode of Arrested Development. It was great and now I’m off to bed. Hope you guys had nice weekends too, whether you were living large or lying low!

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DONNA CUSHING June 8, 2013 at 7:42 pm

I want one of those flotation sweaters for me! Dylan looks like he is having lots of fun!


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