Weekend Recap: I Give Up!

by Courtney Sirotin on September 10, 2012

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Every once in a while/all the time I panic about our future. Specifically, I worry about my family’s retirement situation. The distribution of responsibilities in our household is such that I am in charge of our finances. Of the two of us, I am more aware of bills and needing to pay them on time, so I deal with the logistics of giving away our money. Other than paying our bills, however, I am horrible at budgeting and planning for the future so I arranged for us to meet with a financial advisor Saturday morning.

Before we left, Dylan sat on his new potty (with his pants and diaper on) :

IMG_4974 (640x480)

Though he can tinkle on the potty when he wants to, the novelty of sitting on it has worn off for Dylan. This scares me a bit because I’m pretty sure he’s going to need to maintain a long-term relationship with his potty. Ugh…I am dreading potty training! Am I the only person wanting to put it off for as long as possible? I think I’d rather change diapers than wrangle him onto a potty 6-8 times a day. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can put it off forever. (Maybe just a little bit longer, though!?)

So, late-morning we hustled to meet with our new financial advisor! I am so excited to finally come up with a financial plan for our future.

IMG_4978 (640x480)

Dylan was such a good sport at the meeting, which lasted an hour and a half. He chilled by the office windows and played with his various electronics. The man we met with is a father of four and his wife is a pediatrician, so he was very welcoming to Dylan.

IMG_4980 (640x480)

I left the meeting with a big packet of forms I need to fill out and a list of things I need to get together in the next few days. I am mildly panicking about this, too, because I don’t know when I will find time to get everything done before my flight on Thursday.

Not pictured, but during Dylan’s nap, Jason and I had a business meeting. I am going to be getting more involved in our web development company so we had a mini-training session. It was…productive.

When Dylan was up we went to our favorite restaurant (Hankook!) for a late lunch and then to a park. The park was SO HOT with no shade in sight. Can. Not. Wait. For. Fall.

IMG_4987 (640x480)

Dylan took a refreshing bath at the water fountain:

IMG_4986 (640x480)

I have to share the following picture because of the t-shirt Jay is wearing. He has had this shirt for awhile now, but I only recently confessed to him that it really bothers me. The face on the shirt is so ugly and disturbing, I don’t understand why Jay would want it plastered prominently on his chest?

Jay has not worn the shirt in public since my confession, though he does put it on as an undershirt. It was so hot at the park on Saturday that I insisted he take off the long-sleeved, button-up shirt he was wearing even if it meant looking at this:

IMG_4985 (640x480)

I think Jay finds my revulsion to his t-shirt funny. I guess if you know who “Rocky Dennis” is this shirt might be funny, but I don’t know who he is so its still just unsettling to me.

Later in the day I took Dylan to the pool in our neighborhood while Jay played tennis with his brother, Justin. I also enjoyed a little girl-talk with Justin’s girlfriend, Kendi, at the pool. I don’t get to have girl-talk nearly enough!

Much later, when Dylan was asleep, I had a glass of wine. My new favorite wine is Jam Jar.

It tastes as good as it looks!


Sunday…today…is a day I could have skipped, hence the title of this post. Nothing bad happened today, it was just one of those days where everything was harder than it needed to be.

You know those days…you wake up and discover your child’s diaper leaked in his bed so you strip the bedding and go to throw it in the laundry, except both the washer and dryer are full so you have to switch everything over, then you knock over the detergent and have to mop the floor, then you go to make a cup of coffee and discover there is no water in the basin so you fill it up and make a cup only to realize you’re out of creamer. Then you knock over your coffee that you don’t even like (but need) and have to clean it up. Then you bake something and leave out a major ingredient:

IMG_4989 (640x480)

Then your child needs three complete wardrobe changes before 9 am because he dumps his milk over his head, sits in a puddle left in the tub and crumbles your eye shadow into a highly pigmented powder all over himself and the floor. You check the clock and its only 9:15 am.

I’m just giving some “for-instances,” of course. My day was much more overwhelming.

Seriously, though, today was one unnecessarily hard thing after another! I sent three of four “SOS” texts to my mom, saying things like:

photo (2) (320x480)

If I didn’t have a child I would have definitely thrown in the towel and hid in a closet until tomorrow. I guess it’s a good thing I have a reason to keep moving because despite the effort today took, there were some great moments.

It was a crisp and autumnal morning so we went to a shaded park to play before our weekly grocery shopping trip. You wouldn’t know it from my expression in these pictures, but the park was fun!

IMG_4996 (640x480)

“Concerned-Mom” face (and too much blush! Geesh.):

IMG_4997 (640x480)

AND! These pictures that Jay took of Dylan looking at himself in a mirror are amazing! I find them quite poignant and emotionally charged:


IMG_2944 (640x480)

IMG_2943 (640x480)

Jason and I had another training session during Dylan’s nap and then when he was up (and had thrown his lunch across the room) we went to a “Sunday Funday” event at another local park.


This boy can always put a smile on my face!

IMG_2985 (640x640)

Dylan’s favorite thing at the park was a big mound of dirt, which he climbed with a determination worthy of Everest.

IMG_2955IMG_2957 (640x480)

I think I poured half a cup of dirt out of his sneakers when he was done. Jay calls this picture, “Cinderella, But A Dude”:

IMG_2986 (640x640)

Another cute picture:

IMG_2979 (640x480)

After the park we came home and I attempted to give Dylan dinner. Mid-way through his meal I discovered I’d punctured the roof of my mouth on a cracker and it was gushing blood. As I was catching the blood in a towel Dylan dumped his broccoli and cheddar soup all over the table and then started flinging it all over the room. (That was about when I sent the above text to my mother.)

I’m unabashedly complaining today, though I am also aware that even on my worst day (and this was not one of them), I am still very aware of how lucky I am. I am so grateful for my rebellious child, supportive husband and family members, like my mom, at the ready to give me an emotional lift when I need it. Also, I’m looking forward to tomorrow because I have a dentist appointment at 9 am! You might think that sounds dreadful, but think about it from my perspective…I get to sit still for at least a half an hour!

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DONNA CUSHING September 11, 2012 at 1:21 am

Wow! You had quite a weekend! Very busy! I hope you can take itceasy a bit when you come to New Hampshire! See you soon!


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