Weekend Recap: “I might read your folder.”

by Courtney Sirotin on June 25, 2012

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It was an action-packed weekend and I don’t think Dylan knows which way is up anymore. He’s gone from person to person and thing to thing and it seems to really agree with him. In the last couple days he’s done something he’s never done before and that’s…cuddle. He’s been allowing me and my parents to hold and/or carry him without a struggle and he’s been resting his head on our shoulders! Its so shocking when it happens that I’m not sure what to do with myself!


My parents bought a toddler-size dining table and put it together Friday night so that Dylan could discover it when he woke up Saturday morning. He loves it!


We went somewhere Saturday morning but I can’t remember where. I do, however, remember making the best summer salad ever during Dylan’s nap. It had avocado, grilled corn, homemade parmesan croutons, turkey bacon, a balsamic reduction and lots more. It took me his whole nap to put it together but it was worth it (full recipe coming soon!). I wish I had someone to share it with here, but my parents don’t like avocados. Weirdos. (Says the gourd girl.)

IMG_4192 (640x480)

My dad wanted to spend some quality time with Dylan and decided we should all go to Fun Spot (a big indoor arcade) after Dylan’s nap.

IMG_4197 (640x480)

On the way there he wanted to hear all about my life. I asked him if he reads my blog and he said he doesn’t, and has no intention to, because he doesn’t read blogs. I gave him a hard time about that and laid the guilt on thick but he remained resolute in his position. From what I can deduce he thinks a blog is a complicated piece of technology and feels like he wouldn’t even know where to begin. (I mentioned this because it ties in with something later.)

So anyway, my dad got Dylan a bunch of tokens but Dylan didn’t want to go on anything electronic. Here I am trying to get him to ride a bumper car with me.

IMG_1904 (480x640)

He jumped off…

IMG_1905 (480x640)

…and I ended up riding the little elephant all by myself. This scenario replayed itself a number of time.

IMG_1906 (480x640)

My favorite moment was when Dylan tolerated this super old-school ride. My dad said I used to ride the same ride when he took me to Fun Spot when I was Dylan’s age.

After Fun Spot we went out to dinner and I had to laugh when I saw the following print out. My parents go to this restaurant a lot and here you can see that the waitresses have a note from my dad under his frequent-eater account (notice the last line).

IMG_4216 (640x480)

I ordered a vegetable and hummus dish that was pretty good but I only counted it as an appetizer because it was so light and small.

IMG_4217 (640x480)


I met my friend Katie for breakfast Sunday morning while my mom watched Dylan and took him out to lunch.

IMG_4218 (640x480)

After breakfast we met up with Beth to go to our bridesmaid dress fittings together.

IMG_4221 (640x480)

None of the dresses fit right so Beth is considering finding new ones. We have over 100 days until the wedding so there is some time to sort it out.

Back home from the fitting I ate a quick lunch (yum! summer salad!),

IMG_4223 (640x480)

and then we set off for a boat ride!

photo 1 (2) (640x480)

We went with my sister Kelly, brother-in-law Ben, and their two kids, Parker and Trevor.

photo 4 (3) (640x480)

photo 3 (2)

My little man loved his first ride on a boat!

And was a stylin’ dude to boot!

photo 4 (2)

Here is where my earlier story about my dad not reading this blog (which I basically write for the grand parents…sniff, sniff…guilt, guilt) comes full circle. On the boat he turned to me and said, “I think I might try to read your folder.” Ha ha ha! Its hard to get mad at him for not reading my blog when he thinks it’s a folder. Thank goodness he has a secretary to open his emails for him!

(Yay! I hope you are reading this, Dad, but I’ll love you just as much if you don’t. I was just giving you a hard time.)

Speaking of love, I now present evidence of Dylan being unusually cuddly:

IMG_4225 (640x480)IMG_4226 (640x480)

IMG_4228 (640x480)

We docked in Weirs and had an early dinner at The Weathervane. Dylan attacked his clam chowder! I’m so happy I found another food he likes. Here’s the party table…a bunch of wild ones for sure. Winking smile


That’s it, folks! Party on!

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