Weekend Recap: Kinda Boring?

by Courtney Sirotin on May 7, 2012

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Some people think the word “boring” is a swear word. Others say if you’re bored you’re not being creative enough. I’m not sure where I stand on the topic of boredom but I do think life gets a little boring sometimes. I don’t know…maybe “uneventful” is a better word.

This was one of those weekends I really missed not living closer to my family. I wish I could pop into my parents’ house or visit with my sisters. I also miss Dylan having time to play lazily with his cousins. But that’s neither here nor there! I’ll be back visiting home soon enough.


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We were having people come look at our house Saturday morning so I took Dylan out after breakfast in order to give Jason time to stage the house and meet with the people without distractions. Dylan and I went to a park and I went for a run on a trail around the park. When we returned home we found two little girls in the living room playing with Dylan’s toys. They had come with their grandparents for the house visit. I served ice cream to all the kids and Dylan had a fun time playing with the girls. He didn’t want them to go!

While Dylan napped I showered and got myself presentable. In case you’re wondering, this is where I do my hair and makeup:

IMG_3401 (640x480)

Oh, and I ran out of my favorite Nars blush this week and had to pick one up from a drugstore. I chose this Neutrogena one and really like it! Its subtly pink, kind of sheer and seems to give a pretty natural glow.

IMG_3392 (640x480)

Later in the day we went out to lunch with Justin, Jay’s brother. We went to the only place we ever go because Jay is obsessed with their wings…Jefferson’s. Dylan assumed his usual position on top of the table.

IMG_1517 (640x480)

Here’s a cute video of Jay splashing ice water in Dylan’s face. Dylan is a bit of a masochist. I’ve noticed that when something is kind of shocking or painful he backs away from it momentarily and then runs back for more. You can get a glimpse of that here:

Let me give you another glimpse into my life. Jason is basically always on the phone. He is a lot like Ari Gold from Entourage. As soon as our food was served he got a call and of course he answered it…he always answers it…and things got a little heated.

IMG_3406 (640x480)IMG_3407 (640x480)IMG_3408 (640x480)IMG_3409 (640x480)

People were totally eavesdropping. I feel like I spend a lot of time eavesdropping too. If I weren’t such a voyeur I would probably get on his case about being on his phone too much, but it does provide a lot of meal time entertainment for me.

After lunch we swung by Wal-Mart so I could return something. Dylan loves riding on Jay’s shoulders!

IMG_3411 (640x480)

Anyway, back home we gathered the mail and found our new ekobrew reusable k-cups had arrived. We are hoping these will help us save money.

IMG_3413 (640x480)

You simply fill the k-cup with regular coffee grounds (there is a fill line), shut the lid and brew it like you would a regular k-cup. When its done brewing all you have to do is rinse it out. They recommend you put it in the dishwasher once a week to remove any oils that might accumulate from the coffee.

I made my first cup as soon as I opened the package. It didn’t come out exactly like a normal k-cup brew but I might even like it more. I’m not sure yet. The coffee seems a little thicker, maybe? Richer? More like a French press? Something is different but not in a bad way. I’ll use it some more and keep you posted.

The rest of the day involved pant-less playing (Dylan, not me):

IMG_3417 (640x480)

And, of course, squashing. Check out this massive gourd I found at Publix!

IMG_1533 (640x480)

Its called a Calabaza squash. I read that it’s a Mexican pumpkin but I’m not sure what that means, really. I cooked it and think it tastes like a blend of butternut and acorn squash.


It was a typical Sunday morning. Dylan, our little tech wiz, likes to set up shop with his portable DVD player. He sorts through his DVDs, selects the one he wants to watch, opens the player, inserts the DVD, turns it on and pushes “play”. He’s really close to figuring out how to skip chapters too!

IMG_3420 (640x480)

Jay had an early meeting at his office so it was just Dylan and I for most of the day. We went for a walk under an ominous sky.

IMG_3423 (640x480)

Then came home and read more books.

IMG_3425 (640x480)

I don’t know if it was the weepy weather or what but I was an emotional wreck today! I called my mom and was ready to book a flight home to visit but I eventually decided the logistics didn’t work out with some things we have going on here. I will be going home for a long visit soon so I’ll look forward to that.

When Jay got back home we set out for the afternoon. Jay gave me a pep talk in the car and made me feel better.

IMG_1538 (640x480)

The crux of his pep talk was that our lives can change in an instant. He pointed out that because we live such unconventional lives I really shouldn’t feel bored or stagnant because our futures are  always so undetermined and every day everything can change. So while I feel like I gallivant around this little town every day and it can feel claustrophobic, the fact is we are getting ready to move, things are changing for us all the time, and pretty soon I will be gone from this town and may never be driving on these roads, playing on these playgrounds and wasting money in these stores again. It’s a relief and scary at the same time.

Anyway, we stopped by a soccer field and Dylan practiced getting stuck in the goal netting.

IMG_3434 (640x480)

And then we popped into Kmart to pick up some new books for Dylan. We read a lot and his selection has been getting redundant so I wanted to spruce it up a little. Kmart has a really good selection of children’s books. (If you don’t know, now you know.)

IMG_3441 (640x480)

Dylan spotted a book he already has on the shelves and wanted to hold onto it. When we took it from him on the way to check out he threw a fit. Jay has a way of getting Dylan to snap out of crying fits by doing something weird. Today he ran around the store slapping at things.

IMG_3439 (640x480)

Dylan immediately stopped crying and started cracking up.


When he gets a good belly laugh going my heart just sings. It’s the cutest thing ever to me!

IMG_3438 (640x480)

Back home Jay offered to watch Dylan while I “relaxed” by putting away laundry. I made myself a snack of Life cereal mixed with shredded coconut and tackled a massive pile of clothes.

IMG_3443 (640x480)

I got lost in the project (and an audiobook) and didn’t realize how long I’d been gone. Poor Dylan didn’t get dinner until 7 pm!

IMG_3446 (640x480)

And that’s where the story ends this weekend. I just got Dylan to bed and ate my dinner while I wrote this. Jason is at the table working on a script and occasionally asking me grammatical questions. When I don’t know an answer I discreetly Google it and then act really smug when I give it to him.

Until next time!

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DONNA May 8, 2012 at 1:09 am

I know it was an emotional weekend for you but it seemed to end on a positive note. Dylan looks very happy and you are all healthy.You have lots of people you love who love you right back! We will have a great visit when you come this summer. I can’t wait. Let’s make lists of what we will do. Lots of going to the ocean, going to the lake, the park, Portsmouth, musems, the mall, lone oak for starters. Looking forward to that makes me smile!


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