Weekend Recap: Let’s Get Physical!

by Courtney Sirotin on April 23, 2012

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Saturday morning was spent going for a run and then getting the house ready for a 1 pm showing. I was hoping Dylan would go down for his nap at 11 am but he was too wired so I decided to get him out of the house and try to stay out until after the showing so that he wasn’t in the way of the prospective buyer. The closest place to bide our time was McDonald’s. They have a play area and it was lunch time so I decided it wouldn’t be the end of the world to patronize the place in a pinch. I got Dylan a Happy Meal and was surprised by the toy inside.

IMG_3174 (640x480)

Kind of slutty, no? Dylan didn’t know what to make of her! It looks like she’s covering his mouth:

IMG_3175 (640x480)

Dylan did not put one bite of food in his mouth and in fact had a tantrum and wanted to leave almost immediately. At the time I found this annoying but now I’m just glad he still hasn’t lost his McDonald’s virginity. No good can come of it, really.

Later in the afternoon we went to a birthday party for Dylan’s friend, Olivia! The party was held at a place called The Little Gym.  Its basically a really big room filled with gymnastics equipment for little kids. Dylan has a BLAST.

IMG_1313 (640x480)

If (when!) we move I want to sign him up for classes there. I think the highlight for him was this moment playing inside a parachute and hearing one of his favorite songs:


Jay took the reigns during the party and played on all the equipment with Dylan.

IMG_1325 (640x480)

Meanwhile, I tried to get Dylan to participate in the snack and cupcake portion of the party. I swear, this kid just hates food! All the other little kids were munching away and he refused to eat or even drink anything the whole time despite having refused his lunch too! His disinterest in food is typical but it’s been even more intense lately. I’m pretty sure he’s getting in some big molars and his mouth is sore. I’d like to give him some pain reliever but he’s refusing that too! I know in my head that this will pass and he will eat when he feels better but in the moment it’s still frustrating and I find myself doing this I know are stupid, like force-feeding him this yellow frosting:

IMG_1330 (640x480)

Okay, in my defense when Dylan saw the cupcakes he went ballistic trying to get to them but then when he was finally allowed to have one he acted afraid of it and didn’t want to take a bite. I don’t necessarily want him to eat cupcakes but he was at a party and I wanted to him to participate in the fun and I knew if he tasted the frosting he would want a bite. Anyway, it was all for naught because he wouldn’t try it.

If he manages to grow up without food issues it’s going to be a miracle!

Dylan got a cute goody bag as we were leaving with things like bubbles, bouncy balls and stickers. He wanted to play with the stickers on the way home but I misplaced them. Anyone know where they are?


When we got home Jay and I had a drink while Dylan watched cartoons. Later when he was in bed we window (iPad) shopped for houses. It was fun to imagine the possibilities!

IMG_1350 (640x480)


As part of our mission to save money we made a big grocery trip to Wal-Mart this morning. We got everything but our meat and some veggies and I think we got some good deals.

IMG_3184 (640x480)IMG_3186 (640x480)

All stocked up!

IMG_3188 (640x480)

I made a new friend at an indoor playground a couple of weeks ago. She’s my age with four kids and the youngest is Dylan’s age. She was telling me at a play date this past week that she wanted to get a family portrait done so I volunteered Jay’s services. Today we met the whole family at a nearby park. I kept Dylan entertained on the playground while Jay took pictures.

IMG_3190 (640x480)

Slides create so much static when you go down. Dylan’s hair always looks like this when he comes out the other end of one and I think it’s awesome!

IMG_3191 (640x480)

When we got bored with the playground we joined Jay and the family in picture-taking fun. They were on a soccer field at this point.

IMG_3197 (640x480)

I had Dylan’s little soccer ball with me so he kicked it around on a real soccer field for the first time. (Not that he knows what a soccer field is or anything. We are not a sporty family.)

IMG_3200 (640x480)IMG_3201 (640x480)IMG_3202 (640x480)

However, he did score his first GOAL!

His daddy was very proud! Smile


IMG_3214 (640x480)

After that we hit up a grocery store for our meat and produce purchases and then came home and had dinner, etc. Dylan is now asleep and I’m enjoying a new find. Saw these at Wal-Mart and had to give them a try:


Quality control:


Verdict: Not bad! I still like Breyers better because it’s a but icier and has less fake ingredients but I wouldn’t snub my nose at these either.

And that, my friends, is another weekend RECAPPED!

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TREY April 23, 2012 at 8:55 pm

Was so good to see you guys @ the party!


DONNA CUSHING April 24, 2012 at 12:50 pm

It looks as if you had a fun-filled weekend. I enjoyed reading about it. Dylan looks so cute!!!


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